Chess Endgames – Key squares

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Problems (FEN Notation):
1. 1k6/8/8/8/5P2/8/2K5/8 w – – 0 1
2. 8/8/7k/8/8/3P3K/8/8 w – – 0 1
3. 8/k7/2P5/K7/8/8/8/8 w – – 0 1

You can write the solutions in the comments and I will check them out. Questions and comments are always welcomed. The solutions will be posted on social media after some time.

To help you solve the problems you can use this link:

Here you can just copy the FEN notation into the FEN field and click enter. Be sure to disable Stockfish or any type of help before you start thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Videos are very good .
    I encourage you to cover as many endgame concepts as possible ..

  2. Beautiful! I was just studying critical squares and found your video! Thank you for sharing!

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