Chess Endgames: King and Pawn vs King 2

IM David Pruess completes his mini-series on the basic King and Pawn vs King endgame, focusing on black’s drawing technique.


  1. Fuck I just drawed a game cause it was a rook pawn. That's why I'm here

  2. wish i had seen this yesterday would have helped me in my chess meet today

  3. the best way to practise this, i mean, to see if you can keep the draw you are supposed to get, or to get the win you are supposed to get, is to play these positions against a strong computer that makes perfect moves.

    Just make sure the computer cannot resign or offer draws.

    And if you just keep playing, you have an opportunity to study king+queen vs king, and king+rook vs king. The concept of opposition will reappear when trying to win with king+rook vs king.

  4. I was white against black(comp) we got a draw its not possible to win

  5. This chap can do what most teachers cannot do well .. teach !

  6. Lol. I tried to see the draw with Engine. Ended up just giving away the pawn. It didn’t even try. It was level 10 computer too.

  7. Thanks a lot, I have been struggling with this for a long time!

  8. Endgame :-
    Knight & King VS Root & king.
    Please guide how to draw for knight side & how to win for rook side…

  9. Who's here after Carlsen Vs Firouzja altibox Norway chess?

  10. Sir i havee one dout h2pawn and two kings how to get queen please understand my words sir

  11. How the hell does this video only have 500+ likes? This is so informative. I guess there are only a few who is interested in depply learning chess

  12. Imean this is so important. When you have a 1 pawn lead you can exchange pieces and use this technique to win games


  14. Notes for myself. Assuming white has the pawn:

    1. if the pawn can outrun the opponent's king, white wins
    2. else if the pawn is a rook pawn, it is a draw
    3. else if white has the opposition, white wins
    4. else if black has the opposition and the black king is at the 8th rank, white wins

  15. I have an app with tons of these. You are the only person that explained it well. Thanks!

  16. Thank you soo much Sir… Lots of love from India ❤️

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