Chess Endgames- King and Pawn

We look at the most common end game in chess and discuss how to properly play as white and how to play for the draw if you are black. Although this is the easiest end game to learn, many players still are unaware of how to properly play the king and pawn end game.

For info on other end games and to practice check out


  1. Thanks for the video. I stumbled upon this. Looking forward to watching and learning here 🙂

  2. he is wrong about the number of spaces every time lol !

  3. Its only one space between, not two spaces. A bit confusing.

  4. Thanks. Would love it if these videos said 'she' instead of 'he' occasionally!

  5. White king to d3 move is a draw ……how is that you didn't explain it correctly….I don't think that was a draw

  6. White king can just stay behind the white pawn and when the black king moved, white king can move to the side and move his pawn 3 squares up.

  7. why is he always saying: "we need two spaces in between" when there is only one? 😀

  8. Why does this idiot keeps saying two spaces when there's only one fucking square between the two

  9. The rule "two squares apart -> drawn game if white's turn" is interesting. However, mathematically, it seems like you could reverse the colors without anything changing. If so, then the rule should be stated differently, maybe "two squares apart -> drawn if attacker's turn."

  10. I just won a game just like this,,, I dont know how I did it ! Lol !!!! 😁🖒♙♘♔♙♙

  11. can someone explaine how why it is a draw if its player with pawn to move and kings 1 square apart ahead of each other?

  12. Thie doesn't explain anything, i downloaded the video but i had to come back to dislike it🙄🤦‍♂️you're just showing what you'd play you're not explaining why one should play that

  13. Its fucking annoying. Every time somebody has a king and pawn against me… They win. But when i have a king and pawn their snakey little bitch ass finds a draw. FUCK PEOPLE AND THEIR PERFECT LITTLE SOFT FUCKING WORLDS. LAY DOWN AND TAKE A FUCKING DEFEAT YOU FUCKING SNAKE BITCHES!!!

  14. So confusing…sorry…spaces between 🤨

  15. Why does the KIng have to retreat when it is checked by pawn..the KIng must run like a as the pawn gets promoted to a Queen and go to the centre. he must keep hovering around the centre area

  16. I would think white wins EVERY TIME if the pawn hasn't yet moved and white plays correctly.

    The reason being he can choose whether the pawn moves one square or two on his turn.

    Yes? No? Thoughts?

  17. Very helpful – thank you! I found a website where I could practice against the computer and that locked it in.

  18. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

    11 years later, and it's still annoying as hell that he keeps saying two spaces when it's only one

  19. It would be helpful to actually show the stalemates

  20. I keep trying to do this, forget how to do it. And stale mate aghh

  21. i watched this before and got in a similar situation i stalemated

  22. I don't understand this video.. white can always play a waiting move by pushing his pawn. Can he not?

  23. At 2:18 he says "we want there to be two spaces and it's black's turn", then he makes one space. And anyhow, if it was two spaces and black's turn then black could move and make it one space and white's turn, and from what I understand from clearer videos, that's not what we'd want.

  24. pawn: save me
    white king: Stay behind me.
    black king: Every step you take I'll be watching you

  25. 1:16 i dont get this like cant he just use his pawn and then the king has to back up ??

  26. Tip here especially for online bullet players, TRY NOT TO GET FLAGGED! U should know this beforehand. Quickly move the position, especially when u encounter this position with 3-5 seconds left. Ignore this if u are playing rapid or classical where flagging is not an issue.
    When moving, consider premoving if not maximum 150ms per move.
    With 3 seconds left u will survive 20 moves minimum, while with 5 seconds left u survive 30+ moves, more than enough to checkmate and u will mate ur opponent with ONE SECOND LEFT ON THE CLOCK, SOMETIMES BY A FEW MILLISECONDS! This has happened to me before.

  27. lol when u fail this in a puzzle rush so you immediately come here

  28. Good video but for someone just learning opposition concept could be confusing as opposition is based on an odd number of squares between the kings yet you repeatedly state two squares….1:12 ….

  29. When you're left only with one small kid and a coward vs a coward 😂

  30. Note: A rook pawn is always a draw if the king can get into the corner and if your king is on your 6th rank, it's a win as long as the tempo is in your favor. Opposition does not matter for a king on the 6th, it's just tempo.

  31. To win: make sure you have the opposition whenever you make a king move to a square an even number of moves away from the other king.

  32. You keep saying 2 spaces between but it’s only 1

  33. "Between" must mean something different where I come from 🤷‍♂ As far as I can tell it is 1 or 3 squares between the kings, not 2 or 4 or am I crazy.

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