Chess Endgames- King and Pawn

We look at the most common end game in chess and discuss how to properly play as white and how to play for the draw if you are black. Although this is the easiest end game to learn, many players still are unaware of how to properly play the king and pawn end game.

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  1. Surely a world record for how many times in 9 minutes and 13 seconds the filler phrase "we're gonna go ahead and …" was uttered.

  2. Once again assuming that Black defends perfectly. That, of course, is often not the case against lower-ranked players.

  3. Great video again.Love these end games videos. Just Wished my brain was no longer brain dead or hazzy n can remember n learn new things…. sadly no longer the case.

  4. Great breakdown I’ll be sure to keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing

  5. aw.w. so basic 😛
    more pawns would be more fun, having to use tempo's and shit… or piece against pawns.
    Still endgames are pritty easy most of the time

  6. It's slightly confusing to say 2 spaces 'between' when it's just one between. 2 spaces 'from' is clearer. Any odd number is called the 'opposition', I believe.

  7. if by game over you mean a tie game then yes you are correct. If you mean game over like white wins then you are close but incorrect. Go set this position up vs a computer engine and let me know how it comes back. That's why I made this video because too many people aren't familiar with how to win.

  8. Not sure what to tell you. If you are saying that white can move king to d3 as its first move and still win then I think you may want to ask a different group of people. What you might want to try is get a strong engine, set up the position and try to win cause it's a drawn position. If black plays correctly then white can't win. White can advance his pawn and king but can't win.

  9. Tictac hopefully you are not basing the winning position off the chess engine from my site, its not a powerful engine. Please use a powerful engine and you will see the game is drawn.

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