Chess Endgames: Knight & Bishop Checkmate!

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IM Daniel Rensch is back this weekend to bring you a video on the crucial, though not always practical, Knight and Bishop Checkmate! Take notes on the way the Knight and Bishop coordinate, with the Knight protecting the opposite colored squared of the Bishop. The King saves the day! Memorize the pattern, rinse and repeat!


  1. Cool, but how do I force a king to the back rank?

  2. A tip to the teacher: you talk WAY TOO MUCH, and show the moves too quickly. Show the moves SLOWER and talk LESS

  3. I can execute this mate easily, but only if the opponent makes the "right" defensive moves. In other words, the opposing king runs to the wrong corner, and I have to chase the king out with my own king and pieces. The opposing king has very few options at that point. But what if the opponent doesn't play optimally, like if he runs to the right corner to be mated, but sort of zigzags around? Then you can't just follow a preset algorithm.

  4. That is one of the best tutorials on the W method cattle dog king round up I’ve seen.I especially like the idea of breaking into parts sometimes working backwards with clear explanations for all possible escape vectors ; and yes mnemonic rhymes have been employed for mass didactic memory retention since the Druids rhyming triads. They had to study with a ban on written notes of over 20 years, and that was after their 20 year apprenticeship after they had been chosen and removed from their parents. The exercise was a development of the mnemonic faculties themselves, not just didactic fodder objects of the process.Great job buddy.It’s worth knowing Delétang’s cage reductions too, as like this one, it bears much pertinent and high level fruit not solely required for this particular forced end game assassination alone.Superb job. So many others suffer from Nerd identity crisis syndrome that in having been born sports challenged they choose to identify and “appear” as intellectuals whether they are actually clever and articulate or not.I have watched so many of this demographic rattle off big words and babble on for hours with quiet people watching just ending up confused. However of the aquaintances I advised to give this one a glance, not one couldn’t do it after this tutorial with some practice.My only negative comment is in the rhymes use more expletives and references to human body parts 🥹

  5. crap tutorial doesnt tell what to play when the black king doesnt always plays the best move

  6. Came here because Nakamura recommended it, wasn't disappointed

  7. excellent!!!! very very very good well explanation. but it was too fast…any way thumbs up

  8. Daniel, you're awesome! Thanks for the video, very informative.

  9. Thx, Daniel. I'll try that against my computer now.

  10. Nice one! I appreciate the quality of the videos but not the quantity of the videos from Chess dot com…

  11. this looks tough but thanks for making it look easy. Kudos to chess dot com.

  12. Do more youtube videos! You are my favorite commentator!

  13. Sorry it's too fast exchamelot — BUT you'll just have to watch it a few more times 🙂 This is a very difficult concept to teach in less than 15 minutes.

  14. Sorry about the quantity not being enough for you dug, but there are more coming! Go to our site and you will have more than enough 😉

  15. Very instructive and very well presented; thank you.

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