Chess Endgames: Learn to Play Basic Chess Endgames // Chess Endgame Fundamentals for Beginners

Chess Endgames: Learn to Play Basic Chess Endgames // Chess Endgame Fundamentals for Beginners

We recommend watching this video if you are a beginner, or someone just getting into chess. When starting to play chess, the endgame is where you should start learning. The basic principles and patterns learned will not only help you in the endgame, but in all stages of chess. If you are an experienced chess player, this video will probably not be of much value to you, but we aim for this channel to go over openings, famous games, tactics, strategy, pawn structure, movie reviews, et cetera, and craft content accessible to chess players of all skill levels. We look forward to making more fun chess content, and are totally open to hearing your ideas on what we can do!

In this video, we will analyze basic chess endgame fundamentals — specifically, such endgames as king + queen, king + rook, and king + two rooks. It is important to know how to checkmate the opponent’s king, especially towards the end of the game if one is up a major piece.

In all three of these endgames covered, the basic idea is that we look to trap the opponents king in a certain area. The next objective is to make that area smaller to the point where the king is forced to the edge or corner of the board. Why? Because that is where the king is most easily checkmated — so we force the king there and deliver a decisive checkmate.

If you are new to chess, or know someone who is, I recommend watching this video a few times. This is not about memorization, this is about learning the principles and striving to really understand the game of chess. We hope you enjoy this video, and that you learn something from it!

Are you a beginner, but also want to learn more about the opening? If so, this video below might be useful! Step into the retro realm: explore the best emulator library online!

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  1. appreciate the fundamentals, great video!

  2. Really enjoyed this end game video. Especially the pretend the is a Knight and learn the box concept!

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