Chess Endgames: Mastering The Philidor Position In Under 10 Minutes

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Mastering the Philidor position is one of the hardest things to do. UNLESS you learn it! Then it is one of the most easiest ways to draw and endgame when you need it! Understanding your chess endgames requires hard work and repetitions. Time to master the Philidor position in under 10 mins! You can do it!

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  1. Summary…1. Cut the king off.2. Keep checking the king once the pawn is pushed,

  2. Love your channel man, I enjoy your teaching style and have learned a lot from your videos. Hope you get the recognition you deserve! Let me know if you would be down to play some time!! (I'm a noob)

  3. Two things, one can I add you as a friend on Additionally, have you ever toyed with the Goldman variation against the Caro Kann? Great vid btw

  4. Hey man! Great Video I really enjoyed this analysis and gameplay. This was super enjoyable to watch. "uhh what days is it? Imma check" hahaha i love it. I recently started a youtube channel featuring some chess content and I was looking for a channel to learn from and was led to yours! So just wanted to say thanks for the experience and the dope intro and outro, I loved this video.

    Im a 1450-1525 player on Lichess and looking to grow both personally in my game play as well as with youtube as a hobby. You def earned my subscription to your channel. If your curious on what I started with here is a link (infant stages i might add).

    also imma hit you up with that twitch follow bc im all about that!

  5. Which aggressive gambit do you recommend for black against e4 ??

    Excellent video by the way..

  6. Ke5
    Oh, let me think about that… Check!
    Oh, what day is it? Check!

  7. Dope, can we get some more rook endgames?

  8. Wow I learn a new technique again in endgames!

  9. rewatched the video, had 2 min ads in front, you monetized now Big Fella.

  10. You have a criminally low amount of subscribers. You are GOING to blow up. Love the channel!

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