Chess Endgames: Mating with Two Bishops

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FM Kavutskiy covers the somewhat rare but important two bishop checkmate. Learning this basic mate will improve your skill coordinating your two bishops together.


  1. I thought I'd never get this position until at our last tournament! I drew the position cos I was in time trouble and could have lost…

  2. I don't know why, but I've been really struggling with this checkmate. Thanks for the help, Kostyra.

  3. Don't agree. You should position your bishops first, cutting off half the board. Stops the unnecessary kings walking to the centre at the beginning.

  4. The title is so wrong on so many levels

  5. nice vid i was in this setup and got a draw cuz i didnt box him in… felt pretty dumb after that

  6. @LINKTheReaper Don't feel dumb, just uninformed because its not easy to do this even knowing how to do it

  7. Took 8 minutes longer than I thought it would ^_^ good little explanation though.

  8. I'll say this before someone does. This is very useful, even though this end game is very rare, it happens. Every GM at some point has had this end game so it's a must know to win when you get it.

  9. @mkoujan It can't. The bishop blocks that square.

  10. Ironic have a elo around 2000 and I never taken the time to learn to mate with 2 bishops

  11. at the end, why move your bishop back? just put 1before your king , the other next to it

  12. @TheSchandorff I know right? I didn't learn this till recently either. Never had it happen in a game

  13. @novzki
    There is no technique for mating with two knights. however i would love to see a knight and a bishop mate.

  14. U are an excellent instructor, thank u for making things so clear, way better than Rensch

  15. It actually is possible for two knights to mate, but it can't be forced

  16. This system is by no means easy to implement in a real game under time pressure, unless you've practiced it dozens of times. Much simpler, and equally effective, is to start by centralizing your bishops, not your king, and then moving them in a zigzag pattern, then checkmating the opponent's king by squeezing him into a corner via moving two bishops laterally. ChessNetwork's got a nice video on this.

  17. Instructive, but rather than talking about force fields and laser beams (which don't exist in Chess), you might consider mentioning the important chess concept here known as 'Opposition' and how you used it from the first move to corral the Black King.

  18. Yes, nevertheless, only with 2 knights and the king there are only "helpmates" not checkmates, meaning your opponent would have to make a bad move, otherwise its drawn…

  19. Fairly good explanation but ChessNetwork has a more simpler method.

  20. Very well explained, at a good rate of speech to keep up w/o having to pause and rewind.  Thanks

  21. Great video, and very instructive. I was taught a different method, but overall the same idea. If anyone would like to see a tournament game with a double bishop checkmate, just look in the December 2010 issue of Chess Life. Go into the "Back To Basics" section, and you'll see a tournament game of mine that ended in a double bishop checkmate

  22. great video, I face the same situation couple of days ago with some one who had 2 bishops but I manage to deliver it to draw 😀
    thanks any way

  23. … is not that difficult ahah if u can do it already.

  24. Can you show it where bishops are on b5 and b6, white king is on g6 and black king is on f8?

  25. at the very end, he could have just 1.white=bb2+,black=kb2 and then..2.white=bb3#

  26. the part at 8:26 is where I don't get it. why do you bring your bishop back? you should explain every move

  27. I want to see you do this against the computer on 10. I feel like it will never move to a square that lets you mate it.

  28. Unfortunately your method lacks a general approach, the moves are given especially for this position without real explanations…

  29. "Not that difficult"??? How do you sleep at night, sicko?

  30. Really bad explanation – you should show with an engine set at Maximum

  31. Set the playback speed at 1.25x or 1.5x and the video is much better.

  32. My 🧠 brain,❄️❄️❄️😂😂😭😭😭

  33. The reason i watch this cause i just make a draw and dont know how to checkmate with 2 bishops.

  34. i bet no one can find a video with 2 BISHOPS and a white king! ALL VIDEOS ARE WHITE BISHOPS!

  35. nice tutorial, it really helps to think like you suggest, "where does king want to go?" can i block him to do that?

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