Chess Endgames: Rook & Extra Pawn

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FM Kavutskiy teaches some basics on how to approach a rook endgame when you have an extra outside passed pawn.


  1. Iam suscribing to all the videos in

  2. or you can sac the A file pawn by letting black take it with his rook and move your rook to the back rank checkmating black….

  3. very enjoyable and easy to understand. should help me in my chess games

  4. at 1:54 i would not move my rook to a1 i would just push my pawn coz if Rxa5 then Rd8# checkmate

  5. Refreshingly intelligent video… everything said was clear and correct.


  7. You should check out Steckner's analysis from 2003 with a new discovery in this endgame.

  8. I am in a game in which I have two pawns and a rook to my opponent's pawn and rook near the center of the board. I am trying to figure out how to win it if I can. I believe that I can win it, but it will take time for me to figure out how.

  9. Wow, this is so incomplete. You do not go over the winning try of parking the R on a7 instead of a8, then sac'ing the f2 pawn, which Dvoretsky and others thought was a win until a defense was found (and not by computers). Since this is not covered at all, the value of the video is low, except for those totally unfamiliar with this ending.

  10. ıf black don't have rank weakness it should be very equal ( ıf White don't play Ra1 only move) and of Black to move

  11. 1:54 White don't need defend Kf1 example ( f2 too
    a5 is intersting ıf White push pawn too much Black try get this powerful passed pawn White King need to reach b8 square for rook after a7
    After Ra1
    3:46 Black have counter play

  12. How to win push yoru passed pawn and take kingside pawns with White exchange some pawns ( after Black take no excjanfe here)
    attack Kingside pawns and take it possible doubled h pawn or h pawn edngame is winning for White because Black king is cutted can't join games

  13. Wtf a two year old could've checkmated in that position!!!!

  14. Im amazed that these endgames aren't as standard as rook vs knight etc, and that it requires this much calculation. Can someone not always guarantee a win from white's position, or is it really complicated

  15. This is an old video but it has not lost any of its relevance

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