Chess Endgames – Rule of the square

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Problems (FEN Notation):
1. 8/8/8/8/P7/K4k2/8/8 b – – 0 1
2. 8/8/8/5k1K/7P/8/8/8 w – – 0 1
3. 7K/8/8/8/8/8/P5k1/8 w – – 0 1

You can write the solutions in the comments and I will check them out. Questions and comments are always welcomed.

To help you solve the problems you can use this link:

Here you can just copy the FEN notation into the FEN field and click enter. Be sure to disable Stockfish or any type of help before you start thinking 🙂

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  1. Magnus: doesn't explain the square rule in a video titled the square rule.This video: 1:48 Alright then…keep your secrets

  2. Hi all :)! I can see now that there are black parts of the video which last more than a few seconds. That wasn't my intention and I apologize for that. Since I'm new to all this, I will try my luck with another editing tool and will try to be more careful in the future before uploading.

  3. awesome content keep up the good work 🙂

  4. I think first example, white wins by protecting the pawn and not allowing the king to get in front of it on the a file.
    Second: I think is a draw, because the black king wont allow the white king to move from in front of the pawn on the h file, so it can never promote.
    Third: I think it's also a draw because the white king is also outside of the square, so is too far to get in front of the king to block him.

    Fairly sure that's correct, will try it out against an engine. And thanks for the video, been reading Capablanca's book but it helps to have this stuff explained; also translating the old-style notation just makes it all the more confusing.

  5. it's very easy to understand , why magnus didn't get it?

  6. Someone send this to Magnus, however there are still some secrets in it due to the blackouts in the middle of the video.

  7. another endgame rule, a pawn on any ranks b through g are worth more than pawns on a or h (unless they are doubled on ranks b through g)

  8. Who else came here from magnus' video? Edit- there are now 69 likes on the post please keep it that way and just comment if you also came

  9. You are a better teacher than Magnus 😂

  10. Is this rule still valid if pawn is in the center of the board?

  11. This video would have a lot more likes, and less dislikes if it weren't for the blackout screensavers.

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