Chess Quiz 22 – Theme: King + Pawn Endgames – How Do You Compare To The Rest Of YouTube?

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Theme: 12 Year Old Bobby Fischer’s Games!

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  1. Managed to find a way to lose the last position as white. Fun puzzles though 😀

  2. Last time you ❤️ my commend will you do it now?

  3. position 3: seems like after Kb5 push the c pawn and still win?

  4. In position 3 after kb5 i tried ‏ sacrifice ‏the pon in the line kb5 kc7 c6 ×c6 kc5 kd7 kb6 but then blak can sacrifice bake c5 if k×c5 it is a drow and if pon take c5 you have a pass pon but it steel a drow and then i saw that after c6 ther is b5 and blak wins very nice position

  5. 2 position 1601+ percentages does not add up to 100 but there is only 3 legal moves??!?!!?!?

  6. You did fine with the triangulation description imo. It’s a tough concept, I’ve learned it a few times and I can’t really describe it lol.

    Good stuff 👍

  7. I really love these quizzes. So much to learn, and you do such a great of explaining each position.

  8. Love these quizzes, I learn so much in the process thank you!

  9. 2 for 3 this time…. got #3 wrong but understand why now

  10. I didn't make it for this quiz but enjoyed it by the video very much nonetheless! Thank you!

  11. Are players suggesting illegal moves for position 2 or something?

  12. what if, after kb5 black plays kc7 instead of kc6? (Position 3⁰)

  13. quiz #3. Kb5 works! Kc7. c6 bxc6 (looks bad, but isn't) Kc5 Kd7. Kb6 Ke8. Kxc6 Ke7. Kc7 Ke8. Kd6 Kf7. Kd7 easy to win from here.

  14. 3/3 on this one! Looking forward to doing the new one!

  15. Great video as expected and nice quiz! The explanation was good as always!

  16. hey uh what happen after kb4, black king go c8 instead?

  17. For the last position, about triangulation, I guess I can add that white need to get to b6 to win, and to do that it needs to get to b5 and black is in zugswang. But white has 3 squares to access b5, while black only has one square to guard b5. Hence, white can waste a move while maintaining pressure on b5, but black must give up control of b5 after one move.
    All this while meeting the tactical need of preventing black from playing b6.

  18. I practice endgames every day and still messed up two positions. Maybe chess is not for me in the end.

  19. how do i check my answers I forgot what I chose

  20. You really should use more groups, 1000-1600 is just way too wide

  21. I'm particularly weak on these type of Endgames, so thank you. 👍👌👏

  22. Oh, cool video, I also shoot about chess, but I don’t get it as cool as you do, but looking at your videos, I get inspired and don’t give up.

  23. I love the puzzles they're so mysterious and full of curiosity to me

  24. 3 out of 3 this time! (Even though for some reason I accidentally wrote Ka2 when I actually meant Ka3 in my answer for the first position … 😅)

    By the way I always find it kind of funny/strange when Americans try to say Zugzwang with their soft English Zs. In German both Z are pronounced harder, more like “TS” as in tsunami. Actually almost exactly like that. You could also make a small pause between Zug and Zwang if it helps since it is a word composition after all.
    [Not intended as criticism, just trying to help. 😊]

  25. I’m really glad the top 3 moves in position 2 were the only 3 moves

  26. In the postion 3, is it possible that Kb5, then c6 results in a win too? It's a worse choice for sure, but given the position I think it results a really long win too

  27. Puzzle 3 is worth knowing, and it's obvious after thinking about it

  28. The term Teacher Nelson when opposing Kings control the advancement square is termed "opposition " 😃 There now I taught you something Teacher 🤣

  29. In the last puzzle, what if you play c6+ bxc6, Kb5 Kc7, Ka6 (no pawn blocking now) Kd7, Kb6 Ke7, Kxc6 …
    Edit: Just saw that King can take, so what about Kb5 Kc7, c6 bxc6 (can't take with king), Ka6 Kd7, …
    Edit 2: Okay, the pawn can just be pushed forward. Kb5 doesn't work.

  30. Awesome! 3 out of 3 and i did find the concepts like triangulation. Also i did climb in chess com puzzles to 1500 rating while im just at 1300 in rated games. I can find many moves now, but since these are puzzles i can take my time and i also know that there is something im looking for. Thats the difference between games and puzzles i guess. Thats also why i find it way harder to find solutions to puzzles that turn out to win you "just" a pawn after several moves. Id never watch out for those and if i see them id need to make sure theres no better outcome possible.

    Anyways, keep it up! These puzzles are fun 😀

  31. I got the idea though I'm around 900, I remember the crooked king idea you mentioned for two of the puzzles. That's where I got the ideas.

  32. So in the third position, b5 and c7 are corresponding squares.

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