Chess Tactics: Pawn Endgames Part 1

We take a look at more chess end games by looking at a position where both sides have a king and pawn. How should white play to ensure victory?

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  1. I dont mind either way and appreciate the free content!

  2. Endgames are generally underestimated. If you want the views, go for clickbait: "Top 5 INSANE openingtricks."

  3. Great video! Would love a video on the Philidor position (R vs R+P)

  4. I don't know if it was intentional, but I really appreciated the shift towards genderless language ❤️ don't know if this is the first video you've done that, I mostly watch older ones 😝

  5. I think the trick to making the videos more useful is to have them A. Be short and easy to grasp and B. Be general enough where your more of teaching concepts the actual moves. Being able to look at a pawn and know what tyoes of squares your king should be on is more useful then a move for move sequence.

  6. It's good. More frequent is good too.👍

  7. :((( i loved this channel long ago but i never got notifications so i forgot about it. Youtube code makes me sad

  8. Endgame studies are must…. good one keep going

  9. I like that videos regardless of length, keep it up ♥️♥️

  10. Excellent video! How do you keep track of this many moves ahead, do you do the calculation in your head?

  11. I encourage you to persevere with the end game videos. I am a weak player and obviously these principles are vital. Thanks

  12. Great format, I watched the other video as well not sure why it had less views. Keep the endgame videos coming!

  13. Love the videos. I need to work on my end game, so appreciate these.

    Like shorter videos, especially if you slim down the intro, etc. Prior videos had like 1-2minute intros, which might hurt your metrics with people skipping ahead or stopping. To highlight a current tournament, etc., you can put written commentary into a pinned comment or something like that.

  14. This is such an underrated channel. Everyone is on the hype on watching GM YouTube channels' Twitch-live-gameplay-upload-to-Youtube-afterwards games but one doesn't learn anything from watching such players play.

  15. This came at the right time for me! I learned a couple of stuff from you and I just needed something more for end games 👍🏼 thank you

  16. Nah sorry I didn’t watch the last one will make sure to watch more in future keep it going

  17. Honestly prefer the game analysis, but this is ight

  18. Man’s been posting for 10+ years. Mad respect

  19. Yes I love everything about endgame. It seems to trip me up when I know I'm winning.

  20. can the kevin comment back on this cuz I wanna play chess against him

  21. Endgames are needed to understand chess, period. Lots of newbs are more interested in traps tho and skip endgame and tactics study/drills since they don’t understand chess in the first place.

  22. I’ve learned here. I do like shorter content so long as ya make more content.

  23. These "pills" are easier to follow, I think. My question would be how to calculate which are the critical squares.

  24. there is so much youtubers here big concurency man..u was not making videos a long time

  25. Shorter versions omit too much. I prefer longer ones.

  26. Meanwhile, blitz / bullet:


  27. Create more videos on Kings and pawn end- games as they are tricky.

  28. Please make a video on Luchini Gambit

  29. it's sad that players dont study end games as much as they should. it's easy to say "oh look at this flashy opening i memorized and it's gonna give me this advantage and then i'll figure it out from there", but a lot of evenly-matched games come down to the endgame and that's where the wrong move could easily cost you the game. if you listen to any of the superGMs, they have every end game down to a T, so much so that they know the exact point at which they have a winning endgame vs a tied endgame.

  30. Hey Kevin, I know you're a big King's Gambit fan. Have you ever done a video on Bertin's Three Pawn Gambit? I have a feeling you'd love it!

  31. Please do continue the endgame lessons. You're awesome Kevin.

  32. That was really helpful. Thanks.

  33. Kevin has been providing us with high quality chess videos for years now. Thank you we really appreciate the effort.

  34. Definitely enjoy these shorter videos better as it's easier to remember thay wya.

  35. Very helpful. Why doesn't the black king try to captures the white pawn, when he understands he can't come to the center?

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