Chess Tactics: Pawn Endgames Part 1

We take a look at more chess end games by looking at a position where both sides have a king and pawn. How should white play to ensure victory?

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  1. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Why did you stop making endgame series videos?

  2. You've helped me so much with chess. I'm a wayy better player now. I appreciate it man. I'm aiming to be a grand master or to be the greatest chess player such as magnus Carleen or bobby fischer

  3. I definitely like the shorter, condensed versions. Being able to grasp the main points in a shorter amount of time helps me retain the information better.

  4. Good game lik 18 sty cncted frend

  5. Hi Kevin I can’t speak for everyone else but I love all of your videos and watch them right away, so I’m not sure on the last one.

    I do like the historical games since they played a different style. Your trap and gambit/counter attack videos are favorites too

  6. Your Endgame series is simply one of the best.
    You are one my best chess mentor.

  7. i would prefer it if you explained the concepts to us instead of the particular situations as it will be more helpful . Could you also make videos on the midgame.

  8. I love that you are choosing to make videos that get less views then some of your videos on the more weirder openings. It shows that you truly care about teaching us <3.

  9. I wouldn't normally comment, but I really love these videos. I really suck at endgames so seeing all these ideas is really helpful.

  10. the longer the better tbh for me, Love those detailed line

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