#chess which is better 5 rooks or 3 queens no initial interaction

Playing various custom chess endgames on chess.com to teach various chess technique and tactics . U could use these techniques in ur real games with all pieces on the board to win material, improve ur position or win the game. want to see more watch:


  1. Going by the fact it says “Mate in 8” im going to say, yes this position can be won in chess 🤩

  2. This is why you dont play the sicilian

  3. Bro is cheating (on the top best move)

  4. dont you just hate it when you have 3 queens and the opponent has 5 rooks. very common position i should study it

  5. After queen a8 you had a ladder checkmate down the line. But bro uses engine to do some magic💀💀💀

  6. "In the position we can sac our queer "💀

  7. Mr. Potter you have blundered your queen

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