Crazy Pawn Endgame Tactic

This Video is about 3 Pawns vs King. If Pawns are connected, how can White win the game.
copy this and enjoy:

[FEN “6k1/8/5P1P/8/ppp5/8/2K5/8 w – – 0 1”]

1. Kb1 c3 2. Kc2 a3 3. Kb3 c2 4. Kxc2 Kf7 5. Kb3 (5. h7 a2 6. Kb2 a1=Q+ 7. Kxa1
b3 8. h8=Q) *

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  1. Kb1 c3 Kc2 a3 Kb3 c2 Kxc2 a2 Kb2 b3 ka1 Kh7 f7 Kxh6 f8Q , its a win

  2. Pawn to a3 literally stop white from winning

  3. Pawn to A2, when king moves to attack, Pawn to B3 , kings move, then promote

  4. Lol wtf imagine giving guidance and being completely wrong….

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