Crucial Chess Endgame Trick Checkmate

Crucial Chess Endgame Trick Checkmate


  1. After white moves his king to C6 black can play king to a7 if white promotes to a Queen it is a stalemate.

  2. you are not forced to play king c6 u can just promote and it gonna be checkmate

  3. Impossible even after Rb8, Kd7 Bd6 cxb8 =Q Bxb8 Kb6#

  4. What if after king a6, we play rook to b8? If the pawn takes and you queen, we simply take the queen, and it’s a draw. If you don't take the rook then I play rook go c8 and nobody can save the pawn.

  5. What if rookb8 after the sacrifice if denied, pawn can’t push or take bc it will just be taken back, and if they don’t take then bishop c6 attacking the pawn

  6. the checkmate in one is qb7 but you can also play the brilliant botez gambit by playing qa6, totally blundering the queen and drawing the game

  7. Rook b8 is actually a better sacrifice

  8. Rook goes 8 than draw because can't chechmate with knight or bishop

  9. Endgames are so tricky! The issue usually if we don't know the patterns is the very little time left we have on the clock!

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