Crucial Chess Trick To Win 3 vs 2 Pawns

Crucial Chess Trick To Win 3 vs 2 Pawns

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  1. What is interesting is how to not lose with black here

  2. Doing En Passant is the best feeling, you checkmated him but at what cost?

  3. Quen A1 because the king Its traped… Its equal a mate with a rook.

  4. When black pushes his g pawn to g5, i would just en passant it and get the win that way

  5. Queen sac because now white king helps white pawn to promote

  6. When u don't take en passant, u might win the game but u lose everybody's respect… Your choice

  7. Could’ve spawned an outside past pawn on a4 (chat GPT gambit)

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