Crucial Chess Trick To Win 3 vs 2 Pawns

Crucial Chess Trick To Win 3 vs 2 Pawns

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  1. @chessscape, Can u pls analyze this and tell me if white can win?:

    black rook at a8
    white pawn at a6
    white king at a4
    black horse at c5
    white rook at d6
    black bishop at f5
    black pawn at f7
    black king at g7
    black pawn at h5

    can u tell me if there is a way for white to win?

  2. it wasnt an en passant and the checkmate move is queen a1

  3. I broke my phone screen watching this video 🙁

  4. If i was black i promote to knight instead of queen
    That do some thing atleast

  5. Queen to h2, sacrifice anything there and get that remaining pawn to queen

  6. Bro but isnt taking the pawn with the king illegal

  7. naaah bro i have to play en passant sorry

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