Crucial Endgame Trick You Have To Know

Crucial Endgame Trick You Have To Know

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  1. Step number 1: Do an illegal move!!

    How TF did no comment on that

  2. You can’t take that pawn man, you will be in check, and if you move you pawn, you’ll still lose

  3. What if the opponent avoids taking the white queen bc they might know that if they take it will lead to a stalemate

  4. How do you stop this pawn from queening? You don't

  5. When u go to h7 with the king isn't that check cause he is in check cause it's a pawn

  6. Don't forget to thank your friend for the stalemate

  7. It's now a stalemate because there aren't any more possible moves and that the other king is up in material.

  8. But at the start when u move teh king it becomes in check

  9. Love how no one reliase the first move he did is illegal he put his king in danger of a pawn

  10. Pawn will give u a check how do u move king in corner it's fake

  11. How to win a match?
    Ans: kill ur king

  12. “How do you stop this pawn from queening?”
    You can’t

  13. why do people even resign, they could just try to draw or something


    It's a stalemate

  15. Stalemate

    Your chess lessons are amazing ❤❤

  16. A STALEMATE whoever ur playing with just got REKT if he's a grandmaster his respect is outta here

  17. At last , stalemate
    Btw it sounds nice when u say "Checkmate"

  18. but if k:e6 ->ke7 black still winning

  19. you know the pawn can take the king but instead the pawn wanna die 💀

  20. What if he doesn’t take your pawn with the king but gets in front of it instead?

  21. bro you can't move your king in that position, the pawn is protecting that square 💀

  22. I miss the old coach guy from shorts, now i'm stuck with this guy again.

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