Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. You were expecting Chesscapes, but KONO DIO DA!

  2. The black king could go to b2 preventing checks but making a stalement

  3. What happens if after the first check the king goes to c2?

  4. It's "Sacrifice… THE ROOOOOOK" not just "sacrifice the rook"

  5. Even stockfish got the position wrong (3200 ELO version)

  6. That moment he realises the stalemate and promotes to a bishop instead : Shocked Pikachu face

  7. What if king moves too c2? The pawn is then unstoppable if rook takes weak pawn push pawn if he checks up h get behind pawn white takes bishop and go to b1 rook checks on d1 king moves to c3 then white loses he can’t stop promotion

  8. Wait actually u just mov bishop to c5 as king on c3 and pawn on c2 cuz rook can’t pin pawn and draw game so he attacks bishop move king to b2 the rook is trapped it moves to a1 move bishop to d4 rook moves then u queen😊

  9. You can also go to A2 with the rook and take the pawn and stalemate because you can't checkmate with just bishop

  10. Everytime in this endgames kings are on the opposite sides like why ?

  11. I’d put the king in check and then bring down the rook to c1

  12. Never let them know your next move:
    Offer a draw beforehand to save the trouble

  13. Plot twist black turns into a bishop

  14. But at the end u could of just made the pawn a knight

  15. No no, mister fish, you dont sacrifice the rook, you sacrifice DA RUUK 🔥🔥🔥

  16. rook endgame doesnt mean you got 2 pawns and bishop vs your rook in position that allows you to force draw.. what if king wont go up or wont accept your sacrifice? those tricks are worthless better to use memory for openings

  17. I was waiting for the "Thaa rOuk"

  18. chesscape: you can survive this

    the pawns change their path and capture the rook 💅💅💅💅😎😎😎

  19. Hey black can you plz not move king to c2 plz. And don't protect your pawn by bishop

  20. Another possibility is black underpromotes to a bishop or a knight, in which case, we take the bishop and draw with insufficient material.

  21. Can't they underpromote to a knight. It's still a possible endgame for black

  22. Until they promote to a knight and checkmate you that way

  23. What would've happened if pawn didn't take the sacrificed rook?

  24. wait did he just say that because he can promote to horse

  25. What if the pawn promotes to something else like da rook

  26. The rook 😢😢

    Daruuuuuuk 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  27. If he doesn't take the rook your forced to move it somewhere else and you lose right?

  28. What if he decides to promote to a bishop and k pas how to.maye with two bishops?

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