Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. Promote to queen or rook->stalematePromote to bishop or knight-> take bishop and still drawGenius

  2. Wait how the king can be in square C6

  3. Why not Kc2, Ra2, Kc1. Then if Ra1, pawn takes and queen then white King b7

  4. What if black promoted the pawn into like idk into a knight?

  5. I did that endgame and i thanked my friend for the stealmate xd

  6. This be a win for black instead promotion bishop d4

  7. But after bishop b6, you can still sacrifice the rook and take the bishop. Black knows he will lose if he doesn't take the rook. They take and stalemate

  8. But what if our friend promotes to a knight or bishop?

  9. king c5 but then the bishop? thats illegal xD

  10. Stockfish at 20 thinks that position is -3.57💀

  11. Сant king move to C2 after rook A3?

  12. But what uf he promotes to bishop?

  13. Sacrificie the rook !! Best words in the world

  14. Chessescape you made mistake what if Blackberry promotes to a bishop

  15. Bro you forgot, it's not the rook it's DAAA RUKKKKH

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