Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Crucial Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. these rook endgames vs. 2 connected passed pawns cost us a lot of games…Time to learn what to play next time 😅

  2. Second 🥈 and why won't king just take the pawn?

  3. Bruv, best you can do is a stalemate anyway

  4. Why can’t you push the pawn instead of promoting?

  5. Huh. King f5, white didn't move and black move king g4 and we loose?

  6. black king to e6 is a mistake.

    moving to g5 is better since that king would be attacking the knight and the pawn.

    once rock captures the pawn, white can't win but black can checkmate.

    in fact, white can't make any good move. if he moves the knight, black can capture it.
    white has to move the king but there's only two possible moves and neither can help.

  7. If i was black id take the g7 pawn then white king take then black king take h5

  8. Wish i would have known this earlier 🥲……just lost a knight and 2 pawns vs rook endgame

  9. The rook should not just go away but instead got attack the pawns

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