Difficult King & Pawn Endings | Endgame Exclam!! – GM Ben Finegold

Grandmaster Ben Finegold shows king and pawn positions from and inspired by real grandmaster games. Opposition and other themes are explored, and these positions are difficult to calculate.



  1. "If all your moves are bad, you might lose." – Ben Finegold in 2017

  2. Appreciate free lessons, of course, but I just can't take this guy's failed humour. Total loser, which reinforces all the negative stereotypes of chess players – out of shape, nerdy, terrible sense of humour, super uncool. Sorry.

  3. Ben, I found the solution to the puzzle that Hikaru Nakamura couldn't solve – can I have my GM title now please?

  4. You've got to give your paaaaaawns awaaaaaaay

  5. wait how is the position at 5:06 not a complete win for white?

  6. "I'm up 2 pawns and never win." – Grandmaster Simon Williams

  7. 39:12 Why not triangle Ke5 forcing black king to go 8 rank, then Ke4 and back to f5? Black to move and next white king to G6?

  8. Great lecture. This is a great companion to Silman's complete ending book. I recommend reading the book first as Ben goes fast through this examples and doesn't finish all the moves.

  9. b4 is one move away from not drawing. x1. ka1 ke7 x2. kxa3 kd6 x3. pawn anywhere is draw and king anywhere gives black the opposition because you don't have time to get 2 squares ahead. I paused before/if there is an answer to this. Just my thought. took me about 4/5 minutes. I am super slow lately. Love the puzzles btw. been trying to force these situations in 1 mins games by sacking to eternity but trying to end in one of the puzzles I know because of this now.

  10. It is hard to know what is going on with all the unnecessary BS.

  11. I'd say this is 75% shtick, 25% chess.

  12. On the last game on the video, can't white triangulate e5…, e4…, then f5 to gain opposition and keep his f6 pawn for an easier win? By the way, I used to be active in chess a very long time ago and have just started getting back into it again after retirement. I started watching your videos, so sorry about the very late post. You have always been one of my irreverant favorites. 🙂

  13. Me realizing I have access to 100s of hours of ben finegold on YouTube
    Happiness noises
    Me realizing I'm finishing all these videos faster than expected

  14. Kanye West would draw all the time…if he was white 🙃

  15. You lose all credibility when you go political. It’s hard enough to stomach your arrogance and poor sense of humor. Stick to chess meatloaf.

  16. At 31:47 instead of …Ke7 couldn't black just have played …a3 giving his pawn away the black king can reach the b6 square to draw

  17. This is the least like a drunk racoon I've ever seen Ben look

  18. Absolutely outstanding. Took a break from Glenn Flear's "Starting Out: Pawn Openings" textbook to watch this and I'm glad I did. Thanks for another great king-and-pawn endgame lecture. More endgame lectures are always welcome!

  19. You should take your own advise and play it out to checkmate.

  20. Lol pulls out his ID to remember his name but remembers the title of GM 😂

  21. Julian the student of the year😂😂😂

  22. I was expecting something else when he reached to his back at the start haha

  23. 8.30 How did the kings get on each others sides?

  24. 15:05, I was only able to solve the problem on the first try with in minutes because I solved almost the exact same one except for the fact hxg5+ was already played. This is a good theoretical endgame to know and the book I solved it in was "Bruce Pandolfini's Endgame Handbook" where he explains all of the basic and semi-advanced theoretical endgames.

    YES he's an actual chess coach not just a consultant for The Queen's Gambit. He even coached 2018 World Championship Challenger Fabiano Caruana when he was a kid

  25. 4 mins of chess, 42 mins of interesting chess history

  26. Ben Finegold is such a great chess lecturer if he stopped making awkward jokes people wouldn't hate him so much

  27. Watching this again after 3 year! Phenomenal lesson!

  28. is the st. louis chess club theme song available on Apple Music ?

  29. I'm 12 years old and my rating is 1300. Earlier today, my dad, rated 2200, let me play a game on his account. I won.

  30. “Trying is the first step to failure… Truth hurts!” —-Ben Finegold (only SLIGHTLY modified by me/combining two of Ben’s statements) …if you don’t think Ben is funny then comedy is subjective, unless it’s not! (((((TOLAH‼️)))))
    ((((toot out loud and holler! .((((🐘💥💨))))

  31. Who is Julian? He talks about him in every video

  32. 9:08 coz when i teach, i give all the information
    🙏🙏 Thank you so much Mr. Ben


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