Difficult King & Pawn Endings | Endgame Exclam!! – GM Ben Finegold

Grandmaster Ben Finegold shows king and pawn positions from and inspired by real grandmaster games. Opposition and other themes are explored, and these positions are difficult to calculate.



  1. I like this guy, he's cracked me up a couple of times so far 😂

  2. For the second one, he complains about people resigning and not showing the full process and then proceeds to only show the winning move and not the full process.

  3. and OMG! you talk so much! jeez.

  4. I think there is value in what you do in this video. but some of your side comments are just arrogant and borderline cockiness and just made me switch off from the video.

  5. 27:50 we need to reverse this position and it comes from endgame manual

  6. 16:00 after hxg5 then i figured out this position was from endgame manual wait, Oh! Its from The Book "You must know 100 endgames"

  7. ah ben finegold, literally the god of chess comedy, (except Jon Federowicz)

  8. Ben is so awesome to listen. Great storyteller, makes learning chess much interesting.

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