Domination🔥 #chess #shorts

#hansniemann #chessbaseindia


  1. Он выбирает те турниры где нет достаточной проверки на читерство , Машеник по лицу видно что он нечиго не понимает.

  2. This boy patiently tried to make the most of his time. That's a great human quality, this boy will be successful in the future! 🎉

  3. Dear CBI …Please try to show a glimpse of Board Position somewhere in the shorts …so that we can pause and analyse by ourselves….

  4. day 2 of asking for a coach so I can become world chess champion

  5. Bro cheat against kids too ..just kidding 😂

  6. Hans played "vibrator gambit ".nobody can beat that ,even magnus 🗿

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