Domination Chess Studies | Insane in the Endgame – WGM Sabina Foisor

Woman Grandmaster Sabina Foisor proposes chess puzzles with the theme of domination. Domination occurs when a piece has a relatively wide choice of destination squares, but nevertheless cannot avoid being captured.



  1. My favorite book. Teaches how to make the opponent's pieces literally fall off the board.

  2. Sabina nice work. I'm an older student and enjoy this kind of learning. And it doesn't hurt that my teacher is cute.

  3. In the 3rd puzzle (with knight and bishop against bishop and 2 pawns) there would be a second solution if the white king is on g4 instead of h4. In this case also 1)Bf2 cxd6 2)Nd5 dominates the black bishop in a different way and makes it possible after 2).. Kg2 3) Bb6 Kf2 4) Ke4 Kd1 5) Kd4 Kc2 6)Kc4 Kb2 7) Kb5 Kb3 8) Ka6 Kc4 9)Ne3 K somewhere 10) Kb7 to collect the black bishop just in time and win.

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