Don’t Be Greedy In Chess

Don’t Be Greedy In Chess

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  1. Yah but what if king moves to g square?? He could just take the rook if it moves

  2. What happens if black gives a check with the rook?

  3. Rh5

    What's wrong with Kg8 for black?
    He can just take this rook after Rf8…

  4. But what if the black rook only moves one space up or to the right; to the right both would loose their rooks and black would loose their bottom pawn;and up would cause right to retreat because it is in check

  5. my mind after black plays rook e5 taking the pawn : wait how abt rook h1 💀

  6. Say it's a trap, and that black was too greedy, but the position is losing anyway. And it's not really that much about king activity, but king safety. Black king being in the corner was unsafe, and it was leads to black's demise

  7. And thats why leon edwards has the most aesthetic physique

  8. Black has a saving grace. Rook to f8 check. White king has to move out of danger or even take out the rook but that lets black king move down the h file. See this kind of position for someone like me is only advantageous. Whenever someone has me on the ropes I always pull something out and win or draw even if they are up in piece and position. See making me desperate makes me win.

  9. they can do chak and more chaks and if he eat it the black rock with the king the black king can ran

  10. Black can sac the rook so it not check
    Atleast for 1 turn

  11. You could have just played 2nd move as Rh6 than hey have to sac rook and then cHEqUmatE

  12. The black rook can move to e6 because pawn is protecting him and also give a check

  13. Bro, so if pawn takes white imeddiately resigns

  14. Negotiating for shoes in Indonesia.

  15. What if I take the white pawn with black pawn

  16. Too bad my opponent’s king is never in the corner in endgames

  17. What if the black check the white king white rook if they still mate in 2

  18. Him: "Nothing can stop checkmate in f8"
    Also Kg8: "Do i look like a joke to you?"

  19. So the peaple who want the other option for black to take the pawn with the pawn then king to f7 and black have to sac the rook to dont get checkmated

  20. After the first move move rook h1 checkmate

  21. Yessss at the exact start i had pridicted this checkmate

  22. what if the black pawn takes the white pawn

  23. You can just put your king in f7 after rook e4 and there's no way to stop the check mate

  24. hi , black can take the pawn with hes pawn instead of the rook

  25. In the second move you can move the rook and it’s checkmate to h1

  26. And if he take with pawn instead of rook?

  27. If anyone wonder of the black pawn the white pawn it still same way with Kf7 because move rook also die or dont move your still die so it quicker than rook take pawn lol (or same steps)

  28. BRB after the rock atw the pawn you could have moved the white rock to h1 and you won!!

  29. Instruction unclear, he played D5, i played en passant

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