EASY Knight Endgame Trick You Must Know

EASY Knight Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. "Until finally your friend understands it is a draw" 💀

  2. Well what if it's morning can you move the knight

  3. Mas é só o rei ir para c2 enquanto o cavalo estiver em d3

  4. If he had not taken the knight after he lost the pawn, and pushed his pawn then he could have queened no ?

  5. I put this situation against computers and white loses, i don't think it works

  6. Wait, I’m so confused on that last move where he took the pawn what, if black just promoted instead of moving the king

  7. If u push the pawn first not the king then the black win,,

  8. the owner of this account is coming soon says:

    How about king c2 smart man

  9. Could he not push it any way rather then try to get rid of the night

  10. "Ready to jump on d3."
    Kid named d3: Ayo Chill Bro.

  11. Nf4, Nd3, Nf4 it's already a perpetual, so it's a draw

  12. What if he pushes the other pawn and just ignores the knight

  13. What if the pawn moves when the knight is on c 3?

  14. Bhagvaan God Iswar Allah Khuda Parvardigaar param says:

    Hunger of Sex

  15. Can’t black just ignore everything and push the pawn, or instead of moving to the square t the left of where the knight wants to be they go diagonal?

  16. anyone gonna talk about the fact that theres another pon on the other side i know that it will die instantly but then it gives a turn while white is distracted

  17. What if king whet c2 then c3 then if kings comes to b2 the knight cant check :/ (sory my brain is weak)

  18. But what to do if he is not my friend?

  19. I saw this tactic a while ago and I have those 4 squares engraved in my mind in my knight v Pawn games

  20. Lol, why did YouTube choose the 4 frames with cars for the thumbnail.

  21. after Nd3, doesnt black have Kc2 and stops the knight from coming into c1?

  22. Uhh what if you push the pawn again instead of the king in the end?

  23. The other pawn that is one move away from getting queen

  24. This only ends in a stalemate or draw though (unless white takes the loss after going through so much effort). White has insufficient pieces to checkmate black (unless there are more pieces we don't see), as both the knight and the king are incapable of both cornering and checking at the same time (the king even less so because it can't check another king).

  25. dvoretsky's endgame manual has NEVER failed me once.

  26. I̾n̾f̾e̾r̾n̾o̾ ̾G̾a̾m̾i̾n̾g̾ says:

    is this only for rook pawns or does the rule work for other pawns?

  27. If you really think about this, this tactic actually works with a dumb enough oponent.

  28. then after ne2 the opponent pushed the pawn.
    " that wasn't in the script" 😂😂😂

  29. A smart player would move his king to c2 instead of c3 to hold the knight which will stop the opponent to capture the pawn

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