EASY Knight Endgame Trick You Must Know

EASY Knight Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. My friend in this position: i dont f ing care pushes the pawn fully

  2. And if this doesnt work, out of nowhere, just bring out DAA ROOOOUUUHK

  3. Someday, i think i will be going back to chess.

  4. No why would you not just push the pawn

  5. Its fake strategy 😅
    When knight d3 and pawn a3 and black to move he can just go d2 with the pawn and win easy !!!!

  6. Why wouldn't he move his pawn at the last turn?

  7. We don't talk about the black pawn next to the white king That is one move away from promoting

  8. what if the king moves in diagonals like from b3 to c2 to capture the knight??

  9. The 4 squares look a bit like the naaaaazzzz…

  10. The pawn on the other side be like I AM WAITING TO BECOME QUEE 👇

  11. You're skipping a turn for black and the last turn before white takes black spawn with a draw so black doesn't have to move the king it can move the pond and promote

  12. Meanwhile me …..who has just 2 second left

  13. This must be a german chess game

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