EASY Pawn Endgame Trick You Must Know

EASY Pawn Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. When the flexible pawn advances and attacks the the black pawn, wouldn't it be a draw if you don't take it as black?

  2. If black doesn't take the pawn and plays black king A8, its going to be difficult game for both it may ends with a draw

  3. Bold of you to think I can checkmate with just a queen

  4. Why not push the pawn to squares ?? How is it draw

  5. "oh shoot, now i get the queen u suck😈"

    * only to get stalemate after i blundered the queen💀💀

  6. Piqué is really smart I’ve heard he’s got an iq of 150 or so

  7. Easy. Realized the king had to be on the corner when you push g6 or it's a draw. Then just calculate does g3 or g4 lead to that

  8. I was at no point thinking about Shakira, nor do I see the connection.

  9. I don't even know who is Shakira
    Lol, SOMEBODY TOUCHED MY SPAGHETTI!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!!!1!!11😡😡😡

  10. May I ask why is it a draw if the pawn is pushed two squares instead of one

  11. you won't have to worry about drawing if u just do bongcloud.instant win

  12. But what if the black king moves to b8 instead? Isn't that a draw or am I dumb?

  13. I don't even know who Shakira was or how they relate to this?!

  14. my dumbass said just push the black pawn 😭😭💀

  15. i didnt even get pique joke cause when you say it it sounds like keeke

  16. Κωνσταντίνος Χλεμητόπουλος says:

    That was actually genius

  17. brilliant move just because I moved it one space…. maybe because its the only move that doesn't cause a draw.

  18. But when you play b6 he will not take the pawn on b6 what if he played Kb8 ??????

  19. I love the song choice: Great decisions

  20. I don't get it, what's with the soccer and Shakira reference? It's harder than a 2300 elo puzzle. I'm not kidding

  21. "Why you all thinking about shakira right now?"
    Who tf is shakira?

  22. I'm honestly surprised that a footballer had an equal game with a top GM.

  23. Yeah just gotta calculate 10 king moves with usually 10 seconds on the counter, ez

  24. Instruction unclear, I drew that final position

  25. But why didn't Black queen as soon as the promotion square was free?

  26. it took me a sec to relise shakira was the waka waka girl 💀

  27. Dude I've been working on this drawing for 12 hours, I can't stop now

  28. Bro please avoid these memes in between that's very annoying and distract us ….. please

  29. Alright…I wasn't thinking of Shakira…until you freaking brought it up…now I don't know what the hell you said after that in the video

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