End Game Strategy and Tactics Lesson 1- Minor Pieces

Without a strong end game you won’t be good at chess. The strategy in the end game is somewhat different than that of other parts of the chess game and it’s important to know the themes that remain constant when entering the end game and which ideas change. This is the first lesson in a long series that will go over many of the most important concepts in a chess end game.


  1. What kind of video is this? I want my 8 minutes back! You told basically nothing about the positions and how to properly go on from there. You just stated the obvious. What's the point of that? Exactly what did you teach us about solving the first position?

  2. white can go pawn h4 then lets say black pawn goes h6 then white pawn h5 then black captures the h5 pawn then bishop captures the other pawn then the black pawn goes up the bishop moves and black's knight gets pinned down to the king then white captures the last pawn

  3. this vídeo is shit. analize positions dont justo say words. And what is that of put muy pawns of opposites colores, all depende of the posición, imagine my bishop is of the oposite color, i al making a bar bishop.

  4. I chocked so hard in a game of chess , I had a crazy advantage , so many chances of mate in 2 and mate in 1 buy cuz I lacked time I panicked and completely missed them.

  5. 5:39 I still don't get why this is the best move. What does that have to do with the Bishop? The pawn on A2 already was on a light square.
    Sorry, English is not my native language.

  6. According to Stockfish the best move for white on 5:31 is Bg3! Playing to move you suggest in this video significantly decreases your advantage, and playing b3 after that (as you suggest) makes the position equal. Can anyone explain?

  7. bro that was a very good and i think i need ur whatsapp number and i just wanna talk to u

  8. I am really good at endgames but I am bad at middle games what should I do

  9. Thanks for the video! It is good not to go on auto pilot. By playing a4 and getting pawn on white sq are good but white can't make progress. Playing Bg3 stop black bishop from getting to it most active sq and cuts of black king from that line.

  10. I found leasons 1 through 3 very nice and infirmative, but I can't find the rest of the series?! What gives?

  11. 1:23 the horsie (Knight) cant move anywhere or it would die 🙁

  12. Even of you put your pawns on "safe squares" in a bishop endgame, you're going to have to move them eventually! Can't just stand still and manouver the king all the time.

  13. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Very knowledgeable video. Thanks!

  14. Can you do an episode with a pawn-bishop on white vs a queen and two pawns endgame?

  15. is it me or does he talk exactly like young christopher walken

  16. i always start off strong. always hold power over the board.. black or white. but i don’t understand how i always lose.. like i just end up making the wrong moves or focusing on the wrong pieces… and even if i try to focus on how i can get check mate.. my pieces become open and vulnerable.

  17. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon says:

    I keep getting excellemt during the openings and mid game until suddenly I kept making blunders after blunders in the endgame.

  18. my best chocking time is the most important end games

  19. I just played the best game of chess in my life, but cheesed on the endgame and got a stalemate. Now I'm here. #everyonehasastory lol

  20. If it's one key thing I've learned from this guy it's good chess🤙🏽

  21. Thanks! My end game is weak and I came here looking for tips and tricks. I found some great tips.

  22. I mean, white isn't really in a powerful position in the game at 4:37, whether it's white, or blacks move next, black's next move, bishop to d5 will force a stalemate.

  23. i love old chess videos for some reason

  24. You play like a coward. The secret to winning chess is being aggressive.

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