End Game Strategy and Tactics Lesson 1- Minor Pieces

Without a strong end game you won’t be good at chess. The strategy in the end game is somewhat different than that of other parts of the chess game and it’s important to know the themes that remain constant when entering the end game and which ideas change. This is the first lesson in a long series that will go over many of the most important concepts in a chess end game.


  1. Good video… I'll be looking forward to the next one in the series.

  2. thanks kevin! looking forward to the next part of this series 🙂

    i generally tend to hate end games as it gets boring and frustrating 🙂 and end up making a critical mistake!

  3. woot, endgame logic, and Kevin's charming method of explaining things to accompany it.

  4. i'm very good on opening:)but even i have slight advantage…i lose because i'm not good during endgame:(

  5. 2:13 It wouldn't matter what pieces you had, that is a draw

  6. Thanks for the great tips… my game just increased just by hearing these basic principles….

  7. Where are you from, cause that accent sounds cool?

  8. I do not follow any of their advice as it is better to follow a strategy with a personal touch!
    Chess is serious matter! AHAH

  9. Hey Kevin, I don't mean to sound contradictory, but there are instances in which two Knights can be insurmountably powerful. As when they are adjacent eachother or protecting one another in enemy territory.

  10. im not kevin, but of course! two nights in enemy territory protecting each other (especially in a tight position) are very powerful

  11. Advanced Welding & Fabrication Scott Cornelius says:

    Hi Kevin- Your on-line lessons are wonderful! I am self-learning now with a computer so this is great ! You are a very good teacher- I have been doing well other than the ENDGAME. Yours was the first I could find that was engaging, not tedious. You have a new fan! Kristy

  12. if you want to show a position were the knights are superior, why show a position were the knights cant move anywere?

  13. at 3 43 why show a position were black can hold the posiion together with bishop to d5, i mean really is this a joke video??? white cant attack anything its a drawn position, are you kidding?? but anyway 35000 views without chess knowledge, man i should make youtube videos as well and im rich

  14. well thats my name but how will white make progress if black has a bishop at d5 at 3 43?? he doesnt get in with his bishop, and he cant sacrifice it. If you tell me how white is winning i delete my post and admite im wrong, but yes besides that you are right i dont understand chess. Thats why i picked the name. Its too dificult for a simple minded person like me.

  15. that being said, if i could recall all chess knowledge i have forgotten already, i would be probably at least a candidate master by now.

  16. It depends on who plays first. If white plays first (as is usually the case if not stated, although it should be) white wins with bishop f3. If Black leads with bishop d5 and plays correctly is a draw.

  17. Your southern accent is killing me , good video though

  18. Why didn't he play it out so we could see an exact way white could win in that position? Cause I don't see it?

  19. Do you think it is better to set up your Pawn structures to get a temporary boost for the middle game, or to get a better endgame?

  20. video is rubbish, the first position black is a pawn up, I thought it was goina be a deep analysis on how black would push the slight advantage, get a life!!!

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