If the loosing king is advance, it can stop a pawn to become a piece.
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  1. Король должен быть впереди пешки иначе ничья в любом случае

  2. Your king should never be behind a pawn. That was whites mistake

  3. Gotham told me about Opposition!
    I am not a fool like white!

  4. As black, I prefer to keep the king behind the pawn until the opponent’s king is side-by-side with it and then I’ll give opposition. Easier for me to remember.

  5. In theory, this is a draw. But let's see you draw with black in an actual match. It's easier for black to mess up than it is for white.

  6. You got to bring your king up first but in that situation dont think its possible

  7. This is stalemate because its whites move,but its mate for white if black plays first.Anyway nice vid.

  8. Uno de los ejemplos en Fundamentos del Ajedrez de José Raúl Capablanca.

  9. How to stalemate after your opponent has already blundered FTFY

  10. i did that in one of my games for error wtf

  11. You should of explained.. as a 1800 who knows how to do this, i feel not explaining and just doing it’s simply stupid. Also opposition is key 🔑

  12. I think in opposition, whoever is first to move decides the game, or if someone screws up

  13. This is only because white blundered though

  14. Black didn't outplayed the white. The white just commits blunder by moving c6 instead of d5

  15. Perfect use of opposition. Just like juking the same person without success

  16. You also gotta hope that dude moves into the stalemate

  17. Sounds like you can stop it every time but thats not true xD

  18. Ну да, ну да. Если соперник идиот, то он именно так ходить и будет…

  19. This is very basic yet in puzzles on chess.com this puzzle is rated around 1800 for some reason

  20. From becoming a piece. Thats mean bro

  21. Dude just infront of pawn if white king go lwft or right just do oposition

  22. Did this yesterday to some fella was fair funny

  23. Well this is crap advice, when the bk moves left, wk moves diagonal right, preventing the bk from blocking the advance of the pawn while still protecting it.

  24. Thats not a stalemate, blacks turn, thats checkmate.

  25. No es Jake mate. El rey está ahogado. Pues no tiene jugada legal

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