Endgame-(Broadway) Chess

A strange re-write of this fabulous song (Well at least in the London version)

Performed by Philip Casnoff, David Carroll, Paul Harman & Ensemble


  1. Entirely listenable as the singers are competent, but the worst re-write of a song that was ever recorded. No wonder they had to say in the album notes that the lyrics were not sanctioned by Tim Rice – he must have laughed so much at this poor attempt.

  2. Gotta say I think I like the other rendition of this song better. I mean this is good, but I feel like the other one was much more dramatic. This one drags in a few places. Because of the arrangement, Anatoly's (The Russian's) breakdown was much more impressive in that one too.

  3. If there's one song in this show that patently DIDN'T need a rewrite, it's the incredible song that is Endgame. Sorry, but I have no clue what they were thinking here.

  4. @VengefulKBM where could one find this "other version"?

  5. Original version: "Screw you all, I'm looking out for me!"
    This version: "My God, what have I been doing?"

  6. Tommy Körberg – Endgame (Live Chess in concert 1989 Skellefteå, Sweden)

    How it should be done

  7. I'm not impressed that they changed this song to this version – the original was excellent. :/

  8. Nick Metzger was SO BEST! NO EXCEPTIONS!

  9. Alright, rearranging the song and moving the climax halfway is kind of an interesting idea, but it really destroys the momentum. God, this version is just joyless.

  10. Christ, no wonder this show flopped on Broadway.

  11. this is an excellent versión of "endgame" dramatic and powerful voice of david carroll

  12. what…what is this version? what have they done? nooooo

  13. It’s funny how polarized people are. You love or hate this version, no appeals, no exceptions.

  14. I get that some songs needed tweaking to make more sense on stage, but the Concept Album is more musically pleasing to listen to as a musical work. 🙁

  15. First time listening to this musical and honestly, this song does seem to be written in an odd way…

  16. Yikes. I can see what they were going for but it translated in all the worse ways. Why put the melody and climax in the middle? That'd be like the 1812 overture having canons in the ballad – ruins any flow of tension.

    Then there's the lyric rewrites. Yeah, some parts work – after all, this version is more focused on Florence. But it just reads as boring and kind of a waste. The dramatic lyrics of the concept album and concert version are so much more satisfying: "Nothing you have said/is revelation/take my blues as read". The idea to switch this to a mental argument between Freddie and Anatoly could work – but the current lyrics are a sad, wimpy component to the emotional strength they could have.

  17. Wtf is this crap. A few nice vocal moments but…..why oh why

  18. JF you racist bastard what the fuck did you do to my original comment

  19. I hate that they cut out the female solos.

  20. this fills me with truly indescribable rage

  21. This version is, honestly, much more epic (in my opinion, of course) the the British one.

    Don't get me wrong, the whole Broadway production was a mess – but particularly THIS rewrite really DID helped to get this scene better.

    The chorus, full of angry journalists, Anatoly missing his cue, thoughts about Florence and, of course, change of Russian's mood from London's "I am confident, for God's sake, so what you are all trying to break me?" to Broadway's "Damn it. there's no hope and no way, but it seems like a perfect time for quite an emotional breakdown" – aren't those moments priceless?

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