Endgame – Chess – Philip Jalmelid – Kristin Lidström – Benny Andersson

From Trettondagskonsert 2016. Duet from the Benny Andersson musical “Chess”.


  1. Wow. Cool flute at the beginning. It looks like two pieces of metal taped together. 🤓

  2. Philip Jamelidlead is one of Sweden's greatest musical exports. He has performed so brilliantly in so many musicals. He has that incredible controlled belt, even at full tilt on A flat, with absolutely gorgeous tone production. Yes, he is absolutely second in line to the Great Tommy Korberg in singing Endgame. I only wish that at the very end, he took the high B flat as Tommy Korberg s did in performances. It just makes the ending of this piece that more thrilling. Philip has the chops to do it. See Tommy here. https://youtu.be/7p5HsGVGncs?si=-gtn1d8Y7HRZh7Qr. 😊

  3. I love this a wonderful and beautiful music a lot

  4. Is there more of this performance or a full recording?

  5. This guy is a BEAST! His use of straight tone vs. vibrato is AMAZING!!

  6. wow who the hell is he ? The best version after Tommy and very close after 30 years !!! BRavo !!!!!

  7. Who is she? Regretfully her sound is not equalled to his. If we could only hear her better….what a voice, and acting.

  8. Another good female vocalist who struggles her way through this song. It’s really difficult to sing.

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