Endgame Class with GM Ben Finegold

GM Ben Finegold discusses Endgames from the 2018 European Clubs Cup. This lecture was recorded October 16, 2018 at CCSCATL in Roswell, Georgia.

Games Discussed:

Carlsen, Magnus vs. Potkin, Vladimir
European Clubs Cup (2018)

Navara, David vs. Grandelius, Nils
European Clubs Cup (2018)

Wojtaszek, Radoslaw vs. Efimenko, Zahar
European Clubs Cup (2018)

Naiditsch, Arcadia vs. Kjartansson, Gudmundur
European Clubs Cup (2018)

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Intro and concluding music: “Da Jazz Blues,” by Doug Maxwell; . Thank you Doug!


  1. Last time in was so early Morphy was still alive. Very suspicous…

  2. My endgame skills are so bad… Luckily i always blunder all my pieces in the middlegame so I can resign before the endgame even starts.

  3. No video for 5 days and now two in a day? You're playing with my emotions!

  4. Good to know this was recorded on March xx, 2018. Confusing the audience. You should really update that video info, because i said so!

  5. Nothing out of something the magnus effect

  6. "it's clear, to even the most dimwitted individual, with an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology, that this position is equal"

  7. Dude, Ben, perfect timing. I just finished the first chapter of Yasser Seirawan's book on winning chess endings!😁👍

  8. Ben: Who has the advantage?
    Kid: I think it's Fortnite

    I love when the kids play his jokes back at him.

  9. الجندي السالك | Passpawn says:

    .. thank you.. GM Ben.. you are great coach ! 🙂 ~

  10. "I could lose a drawn ending to Magnus.. I just can't get a drawn ending."

    Fair point Benjamin.

  11. Haha very nice to hear that you were in Greece Ben ,although it's not called Chaldiki ,it's called Chalkidiki

  12. I prefer playing games that end with a checkmate. However, if I know I will lose, or a game will end up a draw, I will trick my friends into a stalemate haha. While it's not a true victory, it is a personal victory for me lol.

  13. So he says Rook B8 is bad, but if the game is centered around the B pawn, why is adding additional protection to that pawn bad? I'm not good at chess at all, so genuinely wondering.

  14. What does this video have to do with Avengers? I don't get it.

  15. 10:33
    Ben: Nils Grandelius…
    *kid sneezes
    Ben: …is nothing to sneeze at, 2655.

  16. During the last end game I began my attack; and my opponent was like, what attack?

  17. Ben: Ding Liren hasn't lost in last 83 games.
    Magnus: Hold my beer.

  18. "i can also loose drawn a endgame with magnus, i just cant get a drawn endgame with magnus" GM Ben Finegold – 2018

  19. Before next lesson maybe tell the kids how democracy works

  20. you like to touch yourself … it's insane … it's hard to look all the videos because of this … you touch your eyes… your nose your chin your neck and you begin again and again and again … wow !!!! Be focus on what you have to tell and that's it … why you have so many bad habits

  21. Your teaching style is so dope.. keep up the good work fam🦾

  22. OK be careful.I ts so funny that it makes me wanna go hahahah and he makes very good videos and classes for chess!

  23. “You don’t deserve to draw. You have to play the right moves. “

  24. first we had dad jokes and now we have meta physical dad pokes

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