Endgame Essentials Lecture by GM Ben Finegold

Filmed live on January 23, 2023. Thank you Chris Pope for sponsoring this lecture!

Ben looks at fragments of two of his past games along with other potential endgame positions!

32:09 Ben Finegold vs Robert Fischer, Charlotte 2022

53:22 Faris Gabbara vs Ben Finegold, Warren, 2003

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  1. This man looks EXACTLY like Thought Slime in 20 years.

  2. "When every move is a blunder, that's bad" 🤣

  3. 18:00: After Kf3, isn't Ra4 still winning? The rook prevents the King from getting to the black pawn. Does that fail because the King can use the first 3 ranks to approach the rook?

  4. I don't use the word 'genius' too often. Just thought I'd mention that.

  5. Hi Ben, at 24:15 the correct and only way to draw is Re2 getting behind the pawn, and if white plays Ke6 then Kf8 is the drawing move, moving to the short side of the board. You would know this but maybe got the position mixed up there. Still thanks for a great lecture, love your work.
    Edit: I see a very similar position 54:04 and i still would keep the rook behind the pawn with Rf8 but the check on the g file is a draw here you're right. The only difference of the positions is one's a Bishop pawn and the other a center pawn!

  6. Thanks for posting this. It was an excellent refresher.

  7. Why is his mustache only trimmed on one side? love his content but I cant focus because of it. 😅

  8. He's the best you can just tell he's a total a hole in real life but in a good way

  9. "and I like alliteration because, I dunno maybe I'm brain damaged" this made me laugh out loud

  10. One of the best videos you made in ages.

  11. Sponsors suggest video titles?
    Is this online chessworld more than simply packaged commercials?

  12. "Now he got too cute. He got cute before, he liked how cute he was. He said 'Ah, I'm pretty cute.'"

  13. great endgame summary, thanks to sponsor and GM Finegold

  14. You look great in purple Ben. Also, very useful lecture. Thanks!

  15. One of the very best teachers I have seen on youtube and there are many good ones, Ben explains endgame essentials in a non-boring way that makes you want to learn and hopefully understand. Thanks Ben!!

  16. i had a situation sort of similar to the one in this vid around minute 9. I was black but i had more pawns. like 2 more but i wasnt able to break through with my pawns. My king was obviously tied down to the 2 spaces and my rook to defending the pawn in the corner. If i hadnt seen this video i would have tried to grab the pawn and lost. Luckily i watched this vid!

  17. I put my king in front of the pawn and got checkmated. Gotta remember do that on the endgame and not the opening though

  18. Best takeaway: It's okay to be cute in chess. Just don't be too cute.

  19. The definition of knowing how to, but not how to teach

  20. Of all the Finegolds in the world, he's the Finegoldiest.

  21. lmao ben beated robert fischer. impressive

  22. Thank God he stopped talking about Trump and just sticks to chess. the TDS was getting boring

  23. There is no one better at teaching chess than Ben is. I am watching this after being awake for more than 24 hours and I still understood the lesson! ..I might even retain some of it for use in games. But even if I don't it was still fun to watch. Best on YT easy. Thanks, Ben.

  24. When you watch Ben on Stream, you will always get good advice sprinkled in with the jokes – but when Ben sits down to teach, I really don't think there is anyone better; the first few examples in this video and then showing you WHY that is the case really made me think. I went through this vid in about 3 sessions, following the examples and the line of reasoning, and now I look at the pieces in a different way, and looking from when the first few pieces that come off how the end game might look.

  25. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!

  26. Great lecture! If I may make a small observation, at 17.40 after black's f5, white can play g6! and put black in zugzwang right away.

  27. not only do i not like this dude. but i want everyone else to not like him as well

  28. Easily the most educational chess channel I’ve seen, you break the game down so it’s easy to understand.

  29. Ben's game against Robert Fischer feels like he's trying to confuse the viewer into thinking it was the former World Champion…

  30. cant you let them take g5 and stil play f5 im gonna check it out but i have a feeling it could win for white

  31. Very good lecture!! I am going to "bookmark" this lecture and review it periodically.

  32. The lesson of this video is, if you want to sponsor a lesson, check your timezone and don't turn up for the Zoom call an hour late because Ben won't let you in. But thanks for the sponsorship anyway, that is, and always will be much appreciated.

  33. Oops. Thought it was a Joe Diorio video

  34. Within 10 minutes I'm understanding and extending concepts I thought I knew to a deeper level thanks to Ben's excellent example choices and explanation. This is a great lesson, thank you Ben.

  35. 24:19 Uhm, this I'd never thought a patzer like me would have to correct Ben, but this doesn't seem to be a draw. After 1…Rf2+ 2.Ke6 Kf8, White plays 3.Ra8+! forcing 3…Kg7, and after 4.Kd6 Rd2+ 5.Ke7 Black has no checks, the king has no chance to get in front of the pawn, and White will promote, with the white king using both the pawn and the black king as a shield from rook checks. The only move to keep the draw actually is 1…Re2!. I checked this with Stockfish and a tablebase.

  36. That’s by far the most useful and interesting explanation of endgame essentials I’ve seen. Well done Ben! 🙂

  37. So im stuck with position 3 (where you have the f-pawn and should win). What happens when your opponent checks repeatedly with their rook, you would then have no option but to hide your king on the g-file, at which point your pawn is pinned so you cant advance it like in the video?

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