Endgame Essentials Lecture by GM Ben Finegold

Filmed live on January 23, 2023. Thank you Chris Pope for sponsoring this lecture!

Ben looks at fragments of two of his past games along with other potential endgame positions!

32:09 Ben Finegold vs Robert Fischer, Charlotte 2022

53:22 Faris Gabbara vs Ben Finegold, Warren, 2003

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  1. 24:25 Mr. GM, this is the basic Philidor 2 pattern and Black draws with Re2. Rf2 check looses. The point of Re2 is that White cannot go Ke7 after 2. Ke6 Ra8 3. Kg7. Nothing wrong with using the engine to confirm your assessment man, told you before 🙂

  2. "If there were no pawns, then every position is the same because the chess board is a perfect square"I swear to you Ben is the only person in the universe who could make me understand such nonsensical sentences. Jesus Christ I love this guy 😀

  3. GREAT chess lecture ! endgames are the same in chess 960 ! hahaha Go Ben !

  4. Love this Guy. Not only does he explain chess in a way so us mere mortals can understand it, but he does it with a smile on his face and has a great sense of humour 😂 He makes learning fun. Keep up the great work 👍

  5. Worth noting, at minute 56:50 what about trying f4-f3 for black? White can take the pawn, and black can't take back due to stalemate. Great video Ben.

  6. Do chess programs know how to play the best moves in these endgames?

  7. The way Ben retold the last endgame position was hilarious

  8. I've always wondered, is Mittens male or female? 😮

  9. Ben is definitely one of the teachers I’ve seen on YouTube. 😉

  10. Ben, I like how you allways explain the difference between playing against a computer and against other players … not to blunder or avoiding zugzwang. And I like your ability to recognize patterns … wish I would have this myself.

  11. So let me get this straight… if i reference an engine while playing then i am cheating. if i memorize the engine over time, to where i can recall from my mind, perfectly fine. Alright then. that idea seems odd to me. sounds like memorization and predetermination win out over positional, in the moment, think on your feet chess. Alright then.

  12. Thank You once again GM BFG for breaking things down! Great video. I'm glad YouTube recommended you to me.

  13. "I don't mean rating, I mean the year" 😂

  14. "If not possible.. do it anyway" that's one of the advices of all time

  15. Ben finegold played Robert (James) Fischer in 2022. Legendary!

  16. Excellent video, & so much better than the classroom lectures which are often ruined due to distractive behaviour from annoying f—–g rugrats

  17. I think your new videos about lectures are so good, i am learning alot . I watched you in the past also , but new videos are way better. i dunno if its the style or what , but the content is captivating enough that 20-30 min pass in flash

  18. Great lecture as usual
    Can you suggest a good book for R endings ?

  19. ben can be proud holder of the title "funniest grandmaster ever"

  20. No bishop endgames, hope Pope wasn't disappointed…

  21. 28:02 An incredibly specific and situational chess joke 👨‍🍳👌 chef’s kiss Good stuff Ben

  22. Damn son we get a taste of the chest hair today

  23. Just Some Boy Probably Dressed in Corduroy says:

    @18:15 Here's a stalemate trick (found with engine): 1.Kf2 Ka3 2.Ke2 Kh7 3.Kd2 Kg7 4.Kc2 Kh7 5.Kb2 Ra6 6.Kb3 Kg7 7.Kb4 Ra1 8.Kc5 Kf7 9.Rh8 Rxa7 10.Rh7+ Ke6 11.Rxa7 stalemate. This trick makes it difficult (impossible?) for the White king to walk in and win the f5-pawn. But many positions are probably still winning for White even if he gives up the a7-pawn.

  24. Of all the chess players I’ve ever seen, Ben is one of them

  25. At last! I'm frankly just terrible at end-games… and of course can't be bothered to listen to other people's lectures cause they're plain boring… (Whilst Ben is brilliant on any given subject.) Go Ben!

  26. Ben really know his way around chessboard

  27. I am fascinated how Ben remembers how every piece moves

  28. If you want to take one thing away from this lecture, it's, "Everything is always very complicated no matter how much you know." If you can't make peace with this, then chess is not the game for you. I struggle with it all the time.

  29. Go Ben. You are the best player on your chair.

  30. Faris Gabbara was one cute bastard, thats for sure

  31. See all your vids pop up, thought I was a subscriber this whole time. My apologies sir, am now lol

  32. Was a nice video tho, with nice quality sound

  33. 40:49 Kf3 where the K stands for knight! Looks like Kc3 would be trickier. Good lecture, I relearnt some stuff I forgot.

  34. Thank you Ben! This was a very informative video!

  35. Great lecture . Keep up the good work❤️

  36. Ben, please see your barber before you record your next video :-). Great lecture though.

  37. I'd like to thank my favorite Pope, Christopher Pope, for sponsoring the lecture for us! He's a great Pope, one of the best.

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