Endgame Magic : 2 Mind-blowing Endgames

aaj ham do kamal ki endgame dekhege jismese ek endgame study hai aur dusri real game me khela gaya lajavab combination hai.

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  1. Dono game gajab thi…i was expecting TAL ne kiya hoga yeh sab..anyways great game

  2. Games with commentary bhi lekar aaye plz

  3. Sir can u make a video on game played between Mikhail tal and Garry Kasparov

  4. Very Instructive Video 🙏🙏❤️❤️🤘🤘🤙🤙

  5. Sr maine apse kaha tha wird opening pe koi game

  6. Apka video acchai hota hey👏👍

  7. Aaj maine chess board pr bhi Albert Einstein jaisa dimag dekha
    Ekdum dil khush ho gya ❤️

  8. Nicely explained 👌👌
    Ashvin sir ajkal bohut haste hai video me tongue slip karke 😃

  9. What a beautiful and handsome and good looking and cute game😅

  10. Dono behtreeeen game thin

    2nd wali aisa lg rha tha, ki winner jeetnaaa hi nhin chaah rha tha,,,, lekin tb bhi jeet gyaaa….
    I'm surprised…

  11. Pehli end game aak pi screen pe😄
    Bacchan ji ki yaad aagai.

  12. What an awesome pair of positions and moves. ❤️

    I am just a casual player and i beat my friends with some tricks and some opening strength. That's enough for them and they go crazy.
    If i ever play a move like this, they will roam around the city carrying me on their shoulders (Not 4, I mean alive).

  13. Good end game. Particularly second one is mind blowing.

  14. Nice 👌 video sir ji 🙂
    Please is series ko age bhi continue kriega. 🙂

  15. VAIBHAV SHARMA naam nhi brand hai brand says:

    Love you bro ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Wow! Plz make such videos at least once in a week..

  17. Really outstanding. Bothe are very beautiful and instructive. 2nd one is stunning. Thank you. Hope more of such with your commentary.

  18. कुँवर Jitendra Rajawat, रेण says:

    Mind blowing and your commentary is worthy for this…💐💐

  19. Sir Rashid nezhmetdinov vs maximillan Ki 1964 ki game ki video banaiye

  20. excellent mind blowing end games. make such more videos

  21. Crazy Crazy positions and very well explained as well.

  22. I had asked many times about pass pawn but I didn't get any response from you 😭😭😭.. though m ur subscriber since long ago….. I have expected a lot from u…

  23. Never seen any endgame like this 😱😱

  24. I had seen first one in my chess tactic book

  25. Aap South Indian Tamil hote huye bhi itna acchha Hindi kaise batate ho??

  26. Wow.. wonderful end game. second end game was mind blowing

  27. Never seen such endgame study. Sir please bring more such studies……


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