Endgame Studies for Beginners – GM Varuzhan Akobian – 2013.03.07

GM Varuzhan Akobian presents a strategic ideas class for beginner/intermediate level players at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.


  1. Chess is so frustrating. I don’t know who came up with the idea of a stalemate but I hate it

  2. bishop c1.. lol funny 24:20 =P good video thow

  3. great video!! He said that there were other endgames that you HAVE to know how to play. Does he list or will he go over the other endgame ideas in future videos?

  4. нормальный у вас грандмастер 😉

  5. great lecture. more endgame lectures for beginners please

  6. Lucid, practical and instructive, I wish there were lessons like this at my own club! Thanks =)

  7. Thanks to GM Akobian and all STL guys for these wonderful videos

  8. thanks to you guys,,but i wsh i can get akobian mail….to mail him some questions like….after you've finished building up your game,what are the best moves to attack..i'll really be waiting for a response…

  9. well, we can't give out Var's e-mail address, but he'll be doing another stint as our Resident GM in September. You can mail him a letter to the Chess Club at 4657 Maryland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63109. Thanks!

  10. I've always been meaning to ask this. What song is playing during the intro anyway?

  11. I can't believe these lectures are available online! Grand Master chess coaching, in my lunch breaks 🙂 Thank you so much!

  12. love these lectures… keep it up! when will the next american world champion come?

  13. I ve watched a lot from this channel and it is all brilliant but I really like GM Varuzhan Akobian and the way he explains the basics. Thank you very much.

  14. Absolutely Brilliant instruction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The best instruction online. Thank you GM Akobian.

  16. thx for lectures
    im going to win he middle school chess tournement

  17. i won 4th 5th grade tournament now middle school

  18. my sister is also good at chess and is going to win 4th 5th grade chess tournament

  19. This lecture was pure gold.  Thank you for the upload.

  20. He is a really amazing teacher, thanks for the upload! 🙂

  21. How about black Ke5 at starting of the game? Why didn't analysed this move?

  22. Very good, A great instructor. And I like how he pronounces the German word "Zugzwang" 🙂

  23. Nice video! For 26:52, wouldnt Rh7 by white be okay too? If king escapes to g8, you win the rook on h6?

  24. Excuse my ignorance but if Black Rook takes White Pawn I assume you can still check mate with just a Rook and the King?

  25. God, that was sexy. I'm not alone on this, right? You guys were turned on by this too, right?…guys? ;^;

  26. Its so funny when American people can't say tsuetswang 😀 after that akobyan is laughing ))

  27. Thanks at times too slow too obvious but thanks

  28. Thanks a ton. I can't wait to watch the next episode. I just need to rest my head a little after that lol

  29. what is the music in the begining video????please

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