Endgame study Pawn vs Rook “Saavedra Position”

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  1. I wonder how the black king ended up there

  2. what's the difference for if they picked a queen besides the move which black played, is it due to the queens diagonal presence?

  3. This brings so much nostalgia. My grandpa showed me this puzzle 6-8 years ago.

  4. Замечательно! Каждый ход единственно правильный.

  5. Wow this was brilliant, thank you so much. ❤️

  6. Why can't you move Kb8 when the pawn was in c7 and was on d7? (asking a question I'm a beginner)

  7. Why didn't black root capture the only pawn and finish off with a draw.

  8. А зачем за королем гоняться когда можно забрать пешку?

  9. Тут просто чёрные плохо играют они бы выиграли

  10. Урок слабое превращение

  11. You have to promote to a rook to avoid stalemate

  12. If you get time I just dropped new chess content and I'm trying to grow my channel as much as I can this year!

  13. This is so cool and tricky!! That stalemate was like an angel coming from heaven to save the king…smooth endgame👏🏻👏🏻

  14. Обожаю твои обзоры.это бест

  15. Love your videos
    We make videos inspired by yours but have a long way to go

  16. source:100 endgame you must know

  17. Ive seen this in my chess club and solved it!

  18. You could literally do that with the queen

  19. I'd sooner take the draw rather than try and calculate all of that lol

  20. First move for black rd2 and this is a draw

  21. Wait can’t you just take and get a king stale

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