Endgame Technique #shorts #chess

Stockfish 15 illustrates checkmate with Bishop and Knight.

The Chess Pages channel presents chess games and positions, sometimes with commentaries and analyses. Videos presented are analogous to book chapters consisting of chess pages. As in best chess books on chess openings, chess middlegame and chess middle game strategy, the individual chess pages feature a chess blunder, an inaccuracy, or a strong move. Safety of the king piece (both before and after castling), checkmate possibilities (smothered mate or one of other forms), and pawn structures (with either hanging pawns or pawn chains or an isolated pawn) are all considered in the analyses, at least implicitly. One or both of the players is either a human historical chess guru or a chess engine who (or which), helped (or is helping) improve chess understanding. Some of the playlists are organized by the selected chess opening.

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