Excellent Queen Sacrifice 💥👑#chessgame #chess #shorts #chesspuzzle

Excellent Queen Sacrifice 💥👑

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  1. White does win the rook, but the material value after the sacrfice and promotion is same, not to mention black can get conect four after his rook is taken which makes it hard to take the panws on B7 or F7 so for higher elo players its probably a draw for lower ones it might come down to who makes worse exchange for the endgame.

  2. if you fuckers don't know pawn is pinned by bishop so you cannot take the queeen

  3. why did you not move the queen :skull:

  4. Bro is everyone in the comments 100 elo? Queen takes queen and then pawn take took with no way to stop promotion

  5. For people that didn't understand if queen takes queen than pawn takes rook and the queen literally can't stop promotion, I'll let you check that by yourself

  6. Stay with us❤
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  7. Take queen at 6 g for the sacrifice of the pawn

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