Fabiano Caruana’s Endgames – GM Ben Finegold – 2015.05.12

Grandmaster Ben Finegold is excited that GM Caruana is switching federations to the USCF. To celebrate, see five recent stunning endgames of one of the world’s greatest.

Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen, Gashimov Memorial (2014)
Caruana vs Loek van Wely, Tata Steel (2014)
Caruana vs Levon Aronian, Zurich Chess Challenge (2014)
Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Caruana, FIDE World Rapid Championship (2014)
Caruana vs Michael Adams, Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting (2014)


  1. if this couch potato would have known about the club being close to wash u and siteman, i would have came by, come to find out that we stayed about 3 blocks away
    from the club i didn't find this out until i watched the us championship this year otherwise it;s3.5 hrs to get to ST.Louis i would like to visit the museum also

  2. Classic Finegold with "c4 is explosive". Glad to have him back.

  3. Hey………Hey………….I resemble that remark   : )

  4. I was eating fried chicken with mushroom rice and 7up…. Ben saw that coming…

  5. Arjen is killing it ! Bens so funny with him good fun for chess learning

  6. Great enthusiasm for the subject … I hope to see more lectures like this

  7. man i'm eating grapes, and drinking water, and I'm miles away. Wish i could be there…

  8. Don't blame me on looking these great lectures from my couch but travelling from Cologne to St Louis is a bit far  😉

  9. I would come to the Club, sadly I am 5000 miles away 🙁

  10. BOY was he right about the viewers of the video xD I actually just finished terrible food, had my Sprite Soda drink next to me, leaned back and watched the lecture xD thx for making me feel bad, Ben! .. I mean of course Grandmaster Finegold (proper respect)

  11. What is the chess software used here?

  12. THIS is the lecture that got my SUBScription..! lol  I realize now I cannot live without finegold.LOL you really make chess fun bro.. hope my daughter can meet you one day!

  13. now let's call a random person >>>> julian
    and then for the second time
    now let's call a random person >>>> julian

  14. @7:20 It's actually the same Guinness. The beer company developed and sold a world records book as a conversation piece for coffee tables in order to promote their beer.

  15. Nice GM Finegold, but don't forget that some of us are a bit far away – like 10 000 km (6200 miles) or so…

  16. I would love to come to the club and watch your great lecture, however, I live in Florida.

  17. i have watched way too many ben finegold videos in a row. all I do now is say "terrible" and "suspicious."

    "Would you like fries with that?"


    "Uh, would you like . . . ."


    "So no fries?"

    "Never play f3!"

    "Second window please"

  18. Too many jokes. Constantly stopping to tell a joke. It adds time.

  19. Great endgame lecture! Finegold is a good teacher and really funny!

  20. After bxe4 nxb qxq nf2 ch also wins but it's probably better to keep queens on the board

  21. Actually the king and rook pawn would probably win in that position. Lisa would say never mind

  22. Thank you again Mr. Finegold. The more I become a hardworking Chess player and less lazy, the more I appreciate your coaching.

    Most importantly you taught me something completely completely completely completely new, which will add to my ability to evaluate positions. You taught me that in opposite coloured bishops endings, where the stronger side has 2 pawns to none, it's generally a win if the pawn are far apart, and draw if the pass are close together. When I thought I new everything about endgames.

  23. Trying is the first step to failure. So what do you do? Never try!!!

  24. Whatever, I’m eating Waffle House on the couch with barely sweetened coffee watching this

  25. 8:35 The right pawn could be worth more than a piece. I think your students are smart to not overlook that they are also forking the pawn, but I'm not a GM.

  26. 6:05 with a pizza on my plate and a beer in my hand, I feel personally attacked.

  27. Finegold is entertaining, but I really wish he would try to instruct more than be funny. Half the time he's asking obvious questions to Arjen (a kid) or cracking jokes, the other half he's whizzing through important moves I wish he would slow down and explain. Oh well, no more Ben for me.

  28. Berlin is actually closer to France than Italy

  29. There was a grandmaster, from the romantic era of chess, that said that if the game arrived to an endgame it was because the players played badly, they should have checkmated their opponent in the middlegame!!

  30. ***** Ben I live to far from saint Louis ): HAH I win😊

  31. + Your classes cost like 200 or 300 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. A4 was the right move though, or rook d5.

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