Fabiano Caruana’s Endgames – GM Ben Finegold – 2015.05.12

Grandmaster Ben Finegold is excited that GM Caruana is switching federations to the USCF. To celebrate, see five recent stunning endgames of one of the world’s greatest.

Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen, Gashimov Memorial (2014)
Caruana vs Loek van Wely, Tata Steel (2014)
Caruana vs Levon Aronian, Zurich Chess Challenge (2014)
Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Caruana, FIDE World Rapid Championship (2014)
Caruana vs Michael Adams, Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting (2014)


  1. "Just sitting on your couch, eating that terrible food, drinking your sugary drinks…"Grandmaster Finegold accurately predicting England in August 2022! 😳 😞

  2. fuck yeah first comment! ben finegold is the man, wouldhangoutwith/10 also sad nobody gets his jokes but I do :c

  3. I lost 15 kilograms because there were no more Ben lectures to watch.Now that I'm not depressed anymore, finally I feel the need to eat again.

  4. @7:20, I think Guinness World Records originated from Guinness Brewing…

  5. Fin(e)ally the King is back. <3 love Ben's lectures.

  6. Finally he has come back to Saint Louis. His videos are awesome sauce!!!!!

  7. Great to see GM Finegold back lecturing in St. Louis. Hope he stays a while. I always enjoy his lectures here on Youtube. He bring a great sense of humor to the subject. Thanks for posting another fine video and GM Finegold thanks for another fine lecture!  keep them coming!!!!

  8. Is Ronen Har-Zvi ever coming back?  He's my absolute favorite.

  9. The endless self praising get a little tiring.
    Guy is padding him self on the back, one form or another, in almost EVERY sentence.  Yuck……..

  10. Mr Finegold I think you have a very recurrent fanbase so we get used to your references and jokes, you should somehow enlarge your repertoire

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