Famous Pawn Endgame


  1. The other thing to notice is if white abandons the weak pawn and rushes with his king to capture b7 and a7 pawns to queen his own pawn, it takes white 12 moves and black only 11 moves, plus black moves first.

  2. This is truly satisfying I would grin for sure

  3. in the final position where white resigned, what's black's winning move if he instead played f3?

  4. But why white king didnt go to his pawn on the other side? he could have won this

  5. i remember chat gpt eating his pawn with his king and sac it

  6. Just by looking at white's position I felt black is winning

  7. You are always doing amazing things and teaching new stuffs ….thanks for that …
    But I tried to copy you in diff ways but when it comes to board and pieces …what setting do you use…I don't get an option of green board like yours.. Can you help?

  8. Yeah I recognize this game. Danya covered it in his endgames series

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