GM Johan Hellsten: Endgame Lessons | U.S. Chess School 12.1.2020

GM Johan Hellsten shows a number of highly instructive endgames, focusing on key practical mistakes that tournament players often make.

This class was the seventh in a series of U.S. Chess School lectures titled ‘Learning From Losses’, where coaches will share some of their most instructive losses in their careers and how they grew from them.

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  1. Why does Johan have a spanish accent????

  2. Timestamps would help your nice longer lessons ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Endgame “almost always the Active Defense is better than a passive defense”.

  4. These videos are great. I’m a bit late to finding them but thanks for the information, it’s really surprising how these aren’t blown up in views haha

  5. I literaly just bought this man's book! The Strategy one! Glad to put a face on the voice in the book!

  6. Oof this is massively demoralizing listening to 7 year olds run circles around me lol. I think these are probably too hard for a wide audience, even an IM was a bit lost sometimes

  7. 51:50 (pawn endgame) quote:" That might still be a draw…". No, kiddo, that is not a draw. Black wins by shoulder charging the white king first and then advancing his g-pawn, before collecting white's g pawn and winning.

  8. Damn you Evan. Outclassing me in every single position.

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