GM Sam Shankland: Rook Endgames | U.S. Chess School 05.09.2022

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  1. This ending is assuming that white can achieve the quart grip pawn structure , 4 pawns vs 3 pawns , generally the defensive formation of black pawns on f7 , g6 and h5 would be a tougher nut to crack , how one plays the pawns in the middlegame can greatly affect the endgame as is shown in your very instructive endgame here .

  2. Sam, this video is insane! I love the way you approach this ending, specially when you stress the importance of the thinking order. Please let me know about the next one

  3. Holly crap, this is ridiculously instructive…

  4. Excellent video, Sam is quite entertaining and funny
    Keep uploading rook endgames, please!

  5. Why doesnt Rb8 Work in the initial position

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