GOD LEVEL MOVE | Stalemate Trick – Chess #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Endgame Trick where Black uses a brilliant tactical idea. He forces a stalemate to end up with a draw in a losing game. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess


  1. There should be a classification above brilliant

  2. For Who doesn’t understand if he gets the queen it will be stalemate but he has no choice but to move the king and sacrifice his queen

  3. Bro it took me .2 seconds to realize it

  4. I think you should've blocked the last check with the pawn no?

  5. The king cannot move from the sight since he's garding the queen, no pawn can move the only possible move is to play queen but it's pinned bro this is one of the most brilliant moves of all time 😊

  6. Reminds me of a man who can slap but can also stroke

  7. Why was it a good move u just lose your queen?

  8. I m begginer and learning chess ,i didn't get what happened in end ,plz someone tell me (detail plz)

  9. 100 elo: OMG FREE QUEEN
    Meanwhile everyone else:

  10. My ass would IMMEDIATELY take that queen without question, not knowing its a stalemate.

  11. the moment I realized my jaw dropped lmao

  12. Wait he could draw earlier. After Queen E3, Black could Play King A8

  13. So… If queen takes c7 it's a stalemate. The white queen cannot move because it's pinned to the king. So its a brilliant move

  14. Take the queen and stalenmate or else

  15. Brooo that is one of the best ways of creating stalemate that I have ever seen

  16. That will not be a brilliant it will be magnus killing move

  17. Prinzipiell: Ja und Teleportation ist NonSense, aber die Antwort zu der Frage ob es THEORETISCH möglich ist, kommt auf die Art und Weise an wie man es sich vorstellt.

    Man nehme an, dass dein Körper am Nordpol analysiert wird und dann dein Körper vernichtet wird. Die Analyse würde gleichzeitig an den Äquator in Form von einer Datei gesendet werden, und entsprechend dieser Analyse würdest du dann dort wieder mit Atomen (die am Äquator warteten dafür benutzt zu werden) wieder aufgebaut.

    Wenn man aber die Atome deines Körpers verschicken wollen würde ohne sie zu zerstören, hätte man ein Riesen Problem, entweder müsste man deinen Körper als Ganzes verschicken und dann den von dir angesprochenen relativen Geschwindigkeitsunterschied überkommen, oder man könnte deinen Körper und dessen Information über seinen Aufbau mittels eines Energie Lasers verschiessen wie in Star Trek. Das Problem dabei ist, dass nach der Formel E=mc^2, die in deinem Körper enthaltene Energie so dermaßen groß ist, dass sie die mehrerer Atombomben übersteigt.

  18. Me in that position:Sacrfices the QUEEEEEEEEEN

  19. shoulda just move the king instead and take that pawn

  20. If you dont get it.. He knew that if he couldn't win so he set up a stalemate trap if white captures the queen its a stalemate as the black king would be unable to move and if not white looses the queen as the king has to move away from the queen

  21. RIP to all who believed that this bozo is a grandmaster level😂

  22. This position is from a famous game, not your game. But nice acting lol.

  23. You will also lose queen on next move it is forced draw

  24. I just realised that black wins the queen after white moves the king

  25. Довольно элегантный способ предложить ничью

  26. White just has to do the uno reverse and move from his queen, at least you’re not the one stalemating

  27. Someone pls explain I don't get it………..

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