Gotham Chess Guide Part 2: 1200+ | Attacks, Endgames, & Blunders

Hey everyone! This is Part 2 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Today there were a lot of concepts covered, here are all the game links:

Game 1 vs. XeniyaB:

Game 2 vs. Stimmy68:

Game 3 vs. GeorgveuMicheal:

Game 4 vs. GreyKitty012345:

Game 5 vs. SSakhatska:

Game 6 vs. Lordadrian:

Game 7 vs. Dfguio:



  1. Yasser Seirawan calls the king's fianchetto for White the Barcza system.

  2. 17:47 He really should've taken the other bishop. His opponent has 6 pawns on dark squares. It fixes his pawn structure, and gives his queen a bit more vision.

  3. I just lost 100 rating points and chess feels like bullshit

  4. It’s me back again at it with the comment

  5. Maybe I just didn't see the plan, but I thought the 2nd player was just bluffing?

  6. Wow you make it look sooooo easy, great instruction!

  7. 1:07 what the hell is that move? Play a move that makes no sense, that move literally is crazy…

  8. I've been at 1300-1400 for ages because I just keep blundering. I play very aggressively and always start out very well against friends that are 2000+ but always end up messing up

  9. The Queen divorced the King and married that Bishop after that game 🤣

  10. there's something wrong with a master showing a 1200 rating. I feel bad for the poor guys. but it's for educational purposes

  11. notice these 1200 rated guys with no picture. I don't know what their story is but many of them are actually higher than 1500

  12. I can’t leave 350-400 rating … I learn openings and theory but my opponents don’t play any of them and basically the game transforms into something that depends purely on luck lol

  13. "Xenia" must be a female, not sure why he refers to her as "Sir"

  14. He sure used to love to tell us that he's a titled player

  15. Brasíl 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  16. At 30:17 is Pawn to b4 a good move? He is forced to move his knight to b1 or it will be taken and also it will be stuck there

  17. "Here the king has no legal moves"
    "That's usually the best way to go"

  18. Nice video. Need more climbing eating ladder.

  19. You should do more Videos like this one! I learn a lot with them as I am 1250 🙂 most of chess videos show you theory of openings till movement 15 but on our level that is irrelevant 😛

  20. 1:08 Rb1, Rb1, make a move that makes no sence, that move is literally crazy why on earth would you play that?

    Atleast castle your king, what the heck is this move, what are you trying to accomplish? I have no idea

  21. 1:42, unless I’m missing something, White can play Bxb5 Bxa2 Bxc6 Bxb1 Bxa8 Qxa8 b3 trapping and winning Black’s extra bishop.

  22. 28:46, How is trading his queen for a pawn silly? He had no choice, he couldn’t trade his queen for anything higher. The silly move was the move that trapped his queen in the first place, not the desperado.

  23. got me holding my breath the way time doesn’t matter to u

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